22 okt

Press TV – Bomb explosion hits Syrian capital Damascus

In Syria, a bomb explosion has hit Ruknuddin district in central Damascus, with no immediate reports of casualties.

Syrian Conflict Part of Mideast ‘Geopolitical Game’ – Lavrov

“It appears that every time the hope for progress in the Syrian situation arises, somebody attempts to prevent it from calming down and deliberately fuels the continuation of the bloodshed and civil war in Syria,” Lavrov said in an interview with Rossiiskaya Gazeta on Monday.
Lavrov cited some unspecified opposition groups as telling Russia that Western countries urge them to continue the resistance, “to fight for their rights with arms until [President Bashar al-Assad’s] regime falls.”

Assad, who is widely viewed as a close ally of Iran, has been unfairly made “a scapegoat” in this “big geopolitical game,” Lavrov said.

Franklin Lamb berättar mer från Syrien (länk till en annan artikel av honom i förra inlägget) – Syria on the ground vs. Syria on Western airwaves

Perhaps the most often heard argument one hears in Damascus from the general population, military types and even officials involves mistrust and doubts across much of Syria that the opposition would honor a ceasefire.

Syria insurgents receive salaries in US dollars – Men 150 dollar per månad! Det kan väl ändå inte stämma?

Syrian ‘Taliban’, a surprise for NATO

One should mention that the uprising in Syria has placed the US and the EU in a quite awkward situation. Trying not to get involved in the conflict, the EU and the U.S. let the Arab League to meddle in it. So they gave carte blanche to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Arab countries which have their interests in Syria and want it to become an Islamic emirate

Lakhdar Brahimi meets with Syrian president

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