21 okt

Från ett möte i New York igår om fientligheterna och desinformationskampanjen mot Syrien och Iran. (en längre video , 2 tim 30 min, från mötet)

At least 10 killed, dozens injured in Damascus car bombing amid UN peace envoy visit

At least 10 people have been killed and dozens injured as a powerful blast hit Bab Touma neighborhood in the old part of Damascus, state TV reports. The explosion comes as UN peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi is visiting the Syrian capital for talks.
Smoke is rising above what are believed to be twin car bomb explosions in front of a police station, witnesses say.
Several ambulances have been seen rushing to the scene, NMSyria Twitter user reports.
At least 10 killed, Syrian state TV reports quoted by AFP. But given that the area is usually crowded, many fear the death toll could be much higher.

Twelve Syrian troops killed in Turkey attacks: Turkish media

Turkish media say the military has fired 87 times on Syria, killing 12 Syrian soldiers in tit-for-tat attacks amid soaring tensions with the Arab neighbor.
The figures were revealed on Saturday by a report published in the daily Milliyet newspaper, which also said several Syrian tanks were also destroyed in the strikes.

Turks see US plot behind Syria unrest, report says

A report says people in southern Turkey are getting increasingly agitated over their country’s involvement in Syria, saying Ankara is merely a pawn in US plots to foment unrest in the region.
According to the Christian Science Monitor, in Turkey many blame the government for dragging the country into the conflict in Syria.

Franklin Lamb har varit på besök i Damaskus nyligen –Damascus Street Notes Den ekonomiska krigföringen, sanktionerna från USA/EU, gör livet svårt för civilbefolkningen.

Damascus is currently calm with a few exceptions such as the Tadamon, Al-Qadam and Al-Asali neighborhoods where sporadic clashes are being discussed by friends the past two days. As with Libya last summer, many media reports are not at all accurate in depicting this city as on the edge and a panicked population.

The sanctions, as designed for application to both Syria and Iran also violate Art. 2 (4) of the UN Charter which commands that all Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.

Syrian Perspective – De väpnade gängen trängs tillbaka alltmer, enligt hans källor i Syrien, men nya lego-krigare väller in.

This news came to us overnight from Wael in Latakia. His sources have confirmed that the Syrian army has secured the main route from Aleppo to Idlib and that mechanized armored units and mobile infantry are ”pouring through Ma’arrat Al-Nu’man. German and English terrorist enablers in Adana and Incirlik, Turkey, directed the terrorists into Ma’arra in order to block the flow of Syrian forces into the Idlib environs for what would be the final assault on the only ”terrorist-held” main city in Syria.

Yet, Monzer, Wael, Radwan and the others in our constellation of sources repeat that the number of foreign Jihadists coming from North Africa and Afghanistan is increasing.

Turkey relies on NATO, not UN, for anti-Syria mandate: US think tank

How US Ambassador Chris Stevens May Have Been Linked To Jihadist Rebels In Syria

The official position is that the US has refused to allow heavy weapons into Syria.
But there’s growing evidence that U.S. agents—particularly murdered ambassador Chris Stevens—were at least aware of heavy weapons moving from Libya to jihadist Syrian rebels.

Tony Cartalucci – Benghazi, US-NATO Sponsored Base of Operations for Al Qaeda

Indeed, the very terrorists that have turned Benghazi into a terror emirate, with Al Qaeda flags waving freely over government buildings, and responsible for the death of a US Ambassador, are being sent to the Turkish-Syrian border where NATO member Turkey is harboring them while the US arms them with Saudi and Qatari purchased weapons.

Syria News 21.10.2012

worldmathaba.net – Syria Real News – October 20 & 21 roundup

  1. #1 av Maria på 21 oktober, 2012 - 13:53

    Dom begär vapenvila samtidigt begår dom terrordåd, vilka satanister! Tur att Assad sa nej till vapenvila.

    • #2 av Stan på 21 oktober, 2012 - 20:30

      Ja ingen kan väl längre försöka komma med förslag om att regeringstrupperna först ska dra sig tillbaka. Men frågan är om det finns någon som kan ge alla väpnade grupper order om att lägga ner vapnen även om de skulle vilja, det verkar finnas många olika grupper.
      Press TV påstår idag att Iran ska försöka prata med vissa oppositionsgrupper om vapenvila – http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/10/21/267953/iran-contacts-syrian-opposition/


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