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Powerful blast injures two in western Damascus

A powerful blast targeting the military justice building in Damascus has injured two people.
The blast, described as “terrorist attack” by Syrian state television, happened in front of the Syrian military justice building, which is close to the Ministry of Higher Education, in the western Damascus Mazzeh district on Thursday evening.
Earlier in the day, ”armed terrorists” opened fire on a bus transporting Syrian workers near the Syrian border with Lebanon, killing eight people.

‘We were handcuffed at gunpoint’ – flight engineer of Syria-bound plane

Ziad Fadel på Syrian Perspective menar att han har korrekt och pålitlig information när han påstår att det turkiska nedtvingandet av det civila flygplanet triggades av en fälla gillrad av Ryssland. Den ryska ambassaden i Damaskus hade för en vecka sen skickat ett meddelande till utrikesministeriet i Ryssland, via kanaler som man visste eller misstänkte var avlyssnade av CIA, om att syriska militären hade förlorat 6 viktiga radiokommunikations-system. Lådorna i lasten på planet innehöll bara gammal kortvågsutrustning och annat irrelevant. Han menar också att det fanns flera alternativa vägar för planet att ta för att slippa flyga över Turkiet.
Vad skulle syftet med det hela vara? Att ställa Erdogan i en pinsam situation inför vissa inom den turkiska militären som är motståndare till hans fientliga agerande mot Syrien? Och ge Ryssland anledning att agera mer bestämt vid ev. framtida incidenter? Hur det nu än är så försöker västmedierna utnyttja händelsen för att hålla spänningen mellan Turkiet och Syrien vid liv. Men det har inte hörts något om artilleribeskjutning vid gränsen igår och idag.

The Turks are clearly embarrassed by this episode because SyrPer has learned from Aslan in Hatay (from scuttlebutt he gets to hear from Turkish security officials) that the ”radio equipment” was a mish-mash of old short-wave radios and obsolete stereo systems. Aslan says that the Turkish officers are delighted to see Erdoghan embarrassed by this fiasco seeing they’re all Alevi officers who have no love for the Islamist-Wahhabist derelicts in Ankara.
For the Russians, this event marked a turning point in their involvement with Syria. This act of air piracy gives Moscow two major riding crops to use against Ankara:
1. The interdiction of the civilian aircraft flies in the face of Turkey’s obvious facilitation of lethal weapons airborne deliveries from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United States to Turkish-based criminals, leaving aside for the moment the veritable welcome-mat Erdoghan has obsequiously laid down for Libyan, Yemeni and Chechen terrorist filth.
2. The act of seizing Russian materiel on a civilian airliner whose airport of origin was Moscow; the detention of Russian civilians without giving them benefit of contact with the Russian Consulate; the establishment of a precedent for such air brigandage – opens the door for more aggressive Russian action in the Levant ostensibly to protect Russian civilians and commercial interests. Russia’s red line is becoming darker, bloodier in color.

Hisham Jaber på Press TV – Syria plane incident hurts Turkey: Analyst

I think what happened yesterday is not for the profit of Turkey, especially, as they say, they did not find something concrete in that aircraft but they pretended that they found metal pieces that, as they said and I repeat, ‘could’ be part of any missiles.

Eric Draitser på Russia Today – West is portraying Russia as the villain siding with Assad, the butcher’
Finian Cunningham – Turkey engages in reckless civilian air heist
Gordon Duff på Press TV – US concerned about Iran-Iraq-Syria alliance: Analyst

Press TV: Let’s look at another news piece: reports of this 150 strong US military task force that was sent to Jordan: the reason given: because of the influx of Syrian refugees. Do you believe that?
Duff: Not at all. There is no substance to that at all. The US is making plans to begin what they believe the reoccupation of Iraq, to move troops in there because they were creating, prior to the election, the need to defend ourselves from a proposed Iraqi attack on the United States and that is of course after the Iranian minister of defense had visited Iraq.
There are deep concerns within the US that a coalition between Iran, Iraq and Syria will stand against Israel and Turkey which frankly is their long-serving surrogate since Ottoman times.

F. William Engdahl – Syria, Turkey, Israel and the Greater Middle East Energy War – ”slaget om den framtida kontrollen av Syrien är central i detta enorma geopolitiska krig och denna dragkamp. Dess utfall kommer att få enorma konsekvenser för om världen ska bli en plats för fred eller för ändlösa krig, konflikter och slakt.” !!

Now a major new option of Syria as a major source for Russian-managed gas flows to the EU has emerged. If al-Assad survives, Russia will be in the position as savior to play a decisive role in developing and exploiting the Syrian gas. Israel, where Russia also has major cards to play, could theoretically shift to back a Russian-Syrian-Iraqi-Iran gas consortium were Israel and Iran to reach some modus vivendi on the nuclear and other issues, not impossible were the political constellation in Israel to change after the coming elections. Turkey, which is presently in a deep internal battle between Davutoglu and President Gül on the one side and Erdogan on the other, is dependent on Russia’s Gazprom for some 40% of gas to its industry. Were Davutoglu and his faction to lose, Turkey could play a far more constructive role in the region as transit country for Syrian and Iranian gas.
The battle for the future control of Syria is at the heart of this enormous geopolitical war and tug of war. Its resolution will have enormous consequences for either world peace or endless war and conflict and slaughter. NATO member Turkey is playing with fire as is Qatar’s Emir, along with Israel’s Netanyahu and NATO members France and USA. Natural gas is the flammable ingredient that is fueling this insane scramble for energy in the region.

slut på uppdateringen _____________

Assad blames border conflict on Ankara

Syria’s President Bashar Assad has blamed the recent tensions with Turkey on Ankara.
“Syria has no difficulties either with Turkish people or its army, only with its government”, Mr. Assad told the Turkish daily Aydinlik.
He added that Syria has never been hostile to Turkey and always treated it as a brotherly country. Mr. Assad said that the position of the Turkish government has led to a border conflict. It broke out on October 3 when Turkey was hit by artillery fire from Syria. Then 5 people were killed and 11 more injured.
Since then the two countries have exchanged fire several times. Turkey’s parliament gave the government a year-long mandate for military operations abroad.
Commenting on this, Mr. Assad said that Turkey had no reasons to begin a war, and all mistakes should be settled through negotiations.

Russia calls on Turkey to explain forced landing of Syria plane

‘Four beaten when masked men boarded Syria-bound plane’ – attendant

Paperwork routine: Turks force Syrian crew to sign ‘emergency landing, no F-16s’ statement – witnesses

‘Turkey violated Convention on International Civil Aviation’ – airline chief to RT

Syria accuses Turkey of ‘air piracy’ over plane grounding

The Syrian Transport Minister has accused Turkey of “piracy” over the forced landing of a Syria-bound passenger aircraft in the Turkish capital Ankara.
Lebanese al-Manar TV quoted Mahoumd Said as saying that Ankara’s move “amounted to air piracy which contradicts civil aviation treaties.”

‘Turkey’s interception of Syria-bound plane an act of war OKed by US’ – Don DeBar

Tony Cartalucci – US Deploying Military Personnel to Syrian-Jordanian Border, Part of long-planned attempt to spur defections, divide and destroy Syria, as articulated in Brookings Institution’s ”Assessing Options for Regime Change.”

Iraqi PM: Turkey not threatened by Syria, don’t overblow war or drag in NATO

NATO must not use protecting Turkey as a pretext to intervene in Syria, the Iraqi PM said during a Russian press conference. The statement followed an escalation of tensions between Turkey and Syria following last week’s cross-border shelling.
“The story goes that supposedly Syrian planes dropped bombs on Turkish territory, but everything has been over-exaggerated, even if it did really happen,” Nouri al-Maliki said.
He argued that no one was threatening Turkey, and that there was no need for them to call on NATO for support.

worldmathaba.net – Syria Real News – October 11 roundup

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