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Press TV – Dozens killed in twin blasts at military base near Syrian capital – en av explosionerna kom av en ambulans som fyllts med sprängämnen. En krigsförbrytelse under Geneve-konventionen, enligt Syrian Girl.
Ziad Fadel på Syrian Perspective skriver att vakter hindrade bomb-bilarna att komma för nära byggnaderna, flygvapnets underrättelsehögkvarter, som var målet genom att skjuta på dom när dom inte stannade. De tvingades därmed utlösa sprängladdningarna för tidigt. Och den högste chefen som troligen var det huvudsakliga målet fanns inte där just då.
Men många människor kan ha dödats ändå.

West sabotages Syrian peace plans: Michael Chossudovsky – intervjun finns utskriven på Press TV

Michel Chossudovsky – Syria: Is the West Contemplating the Assassination of President Bashar Al Assad?

According to reports, a Franco-Saudi plan to assassinate Bashar Al Assad had been initiated in Spring 2012. France’s former president Nicolas Sarkozy “reportedly spent his last days in office trying to convince Obama to be part of the attack … on Assad’s palace, family and members of the Syrian government. ( See The Deccan Herald, May 12, 2012). President Obama , according to reports, “was reluctant to be part of this ‘complex’ mission and despite repeated requests from former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, the plan to involve US forces never took off.”

It is worth noting that in mid-July, in a carefully planned bomb attack, Defense Minister Daoud Rajha and Bashar, Assef Shawkat (Deputy Minister of Defense) and General Hassan Turkmani (Assistant Vice President) were killed.
While political assassination is part of an ongoing intelligence agenda, the assassination option of the Syrian president is now in the public domain, as a “talking point” behind diplomatic closed doors.
In a recent statement, Australia’s foreign minister Bob Carr insinuated in no uncertain terms that “a major military defection and an assassination [of president Al Assad] seem to be pre-conditions of movement towards peace in Syria.”

Reading between the lines, what is implied is that “peace and democracy”, require the assassination of the Syrian head of State.

US attempts to set stage for NATO intervention in Syria: Dankofvideo

John Robles – NATO invasion of Syria: coming soon, rated X

Shi Zhuying – War With Syria Great Mistake For Turkey: Analysts

slut på uppdateringen _______________

Thierry Meyssan, liksom en annan analytiker som jag länkade till igår, kommer med en hoppfull bild av att USA/väst försöker dra sig ur Syrien-projektet. Eller i alla fall att Ryssland jobbar hårt för att få slut på våldet. Han menar att i samband med attacken mot försvarsministeriet i Damaskus den 26 september då terrorister försedda med självmordsattack-bälte försökte nå ett möte med höga militärledare, fanns en annan grupp som försökte ta över den staliga TV-stationen för att sända ett ultimatum till presidenten, men de stoppades. En tredje grupp tog sikte på regeringshögkvarteret, och en fjärde flygplatsen. Detta var den andra stora offensiven mot Damaskus som misslyckades. Den första var den 18 juli då en bomb exploderade i en regeringsbyggnad och dödade flera människor inklusive en hög ledare, samtidigt som tusentals legokrigare strömmade till huvudstaden – Towards a Western retreat from Syria (artikeln finns också på globalresearch.ca)

The Syria war drags on. Continuing it has become too expensive and too dangerous for its neighbors. Russia, which aims to re-establish itself in the Middle East, is trying to show the United States that it is in their best interest to allow Moscow to resolve the conflict.

The military situation in Syria is turning against those in Washington and Brussels who hoped to change the regime there by force. Two successive attempts to take Damascus have failed and it has become clear that that objective cannot be achieved

..Washington signed onto the Geneva Accord, under the auspices of Kofi Annan.

..the war camp torpedoed this agreement by organizing leaks to the press concerning the West’s secret involvement in the conflict, leaks that led to Kofi Annan’s immediate resignation. It also played its two trump cards with the attacks on July 18 and September 26 and lost them both. As a result, Lakhdar Brahimi, Annan’s successor, has been called on to resuscitate and implement the Geneva Accord.
In the interim, Russia did not remain idle: it obtained the creation of a Syrian Ministry of National Reconciliation; supervised and protected the meeting in Damacus of national opposition parties; organized contacts between the U.S. and Syrian general staff; and prepared the deployment of a peace force. The first two measures scarcely registered in the Western press while the last two were flatly ignored.

Above all, Vladimir Putin accelerated the projects of the CSTO, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the anti-NATO defense alliance that unites Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Tadjikstan and Russia itself. The foreign ministers of the CSTO adopted a shared position on Syria and a logistical plan was drawn up for an eventual deployment of 50,000 men. An agreement was signed between the CSTO and the U.N. Peacekeeping Department that these «blue chapkas» would be used in the zones of conflict under a U.N. Security Council mandate. Joint drills between the two are to take place from 8 to 17 October in Kazakhstan under the label of «Inviolable Fraternity» to complete the coordination between these two intergovernmental organizations. The Red Cross and the IOM will also participate.
No official decision will be taken in the U.S. during the presidential campaign. Once that ends, peace might become conceivable.

Syrian political parties call for peaceful solution to crisisvideo

A group of Syrian political parties have held a forum in the country’s capital, Damascus, to discuss a peaceful solution to the unrest in the Arab state, Press TV reports.
The participants of the meeting said political dialogue, national reconciliation and fighting terrorism are the sole means to restoring security.

friendsofsyria.wordpress.comDemonstrations and Anger of Erdogan in Turkey over Syria Grows

friendsofsyria.wordpress.comBBC News has uncovered evidence that weapons intended for the Saudi military have been diverted to Syrian rebels – Press TV – Arms intended for Saudi military seen at Syrian rebels base:Report

friendsofsyria.wordpress.com – video (1 tim 27 min) om Robert Ford, USA’s tidigare ambassadör i Syrien.

worldmathaba.net – Syria Real News – October 9 roundup

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