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Russia Today – Two explosions rock Syrian capital Damascus, eyewitnesses report casualties

Two explosions have shaken the Syrian capital Damascus, targeting the Air Force intelligence building. Local news sources say at least 15 people have been wounded.

Turkey attacks Syria for sixth consecutive day

Turkey already waging war on Syria: Michael Chossudovsky

Pierre Khalaf, Senior Researcher at the Arab and International Center of Strategic Studies, BeirutErdogan fails to implicate NATO

Thirdly, Erdogan’s attempt to lure NATO into war on Syria through direct military invasion failed. And just as it had happened following the downing of a Turkish plan, a statement issued by NATO called for the calm and wise handling of the border skirmishes, and did not humor the Turkish threat to wage war. In the meantime, the strongest blow to Erdogan’s illusions came from the Security Council which was forced to issue a statement condemning the terrorist attacks in Aleppo and naming Al-Qaeda network by name, which supported the Syrian viewpoint and weakened the momentum of the hostile campaigns against Syria. Erdogan perceives some European positions which recently emerged in regard to the dispatch of the diplomatic missions to Syria again with great suspicion, as he knows that the West is suffering defeat and seeking safety rafts, without being concerned about those whom it implicated in costly choices and positions. Erdogan is also detecting that reality in the ongoing Turkish debate surrounding the cost of the predicament in Syria on the economic, political and security levels.

This situation might continue for a long time on the Syrian-Turkish border, but what is certain is that the adventure will be extremely costly for Erdogan. His American and NATO masters on the other hand are seeking an exit strategy from the impossible Syrian predicament.

tehrantimes.com – NATO preparing the ground for intervention in Syria: Leader’s advisor

NATO is preparing the ground for military intervention in Syria under the pretext that the security of Turkey, which is a NATO member, has been threatened, according to Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader.

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Christof Lehmann – Turkey’s Decision to allow Cross-Border Military Operations violates Constitution, International Law, and endangers National Integrity

Even though the Syrian government expressed its condolences and regrets, it has not been positively established that the mortars have been fired by regular Syrian military forces. A journalist who has been in the region and who for good reasons remains anonymous has stated to the author that the Syrian military was “not far from the location” from where the mortar was fired, but that the Syrian military was in the area in pursuit of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) troops who fired the mortar into Turkey. The journalist’s statement casts doubt about the legitimacy about Turkey’s claim of having been attacked by Syria and suggests the possibility of a false flag attack, carried out by the FSA, with, or without the involvement or the knowledge of either the AKP government or Turkish military command.

Wayne Madsen – TURKISH-SYRIA BORDER FIGHTING A PRELUDE TO NATO INTERVENTION? The Turkish-Syrian border is not a reason for NATO exist, it is a prime reason for it to be disbanded

News Analysis från Press TV

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Syria, Aleppo / Yesterday FSA armed gangs fired several mortar shells on residential area in Aleppo after the locals didn’t allowed FSA gangs to enter the area. Two civilians were killed and several were injured.

Robert Fisk – Plucky little Turkey standing up to evil Syria? It’s not as simple as that, The Long View: Turkey is funnelling weapons and armed men across the border into Syria

Turkey-Syria Skirmish: Was it a “False Flag”? Unknown Whether Artillery Came from Rebels or Government

New York Times Concedes that It Is Unknown Whether Syrian Artillery Came from Rebels or Government

And false flag attacks have been planned to bring about regime change in Syria for 50 years (and the neocons planned regime change in Syria 20 years ago.)

Turkey beats war drums as Kurds mobilize at Syria border

worldmathaba.net – Syria Real News – October 8 roundup

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