6 okt

från en facebook-grupp – en turkisk tidning skriver att den typ av vapen som avfyrade granaten mot den turkiska staden Akcakale i onsdags endast används av NATO. Tidningen säger sig också ha information från trovärdig källa om att det var Turkiet som försåg de väpnade grupperna med granaterna! (finns nu även på syrianews.cc – Syria: The Grenades on Turkey are NATO Ammunition )

SANA – Yurt Newspaper: Erdogan’s government Handed over the Mortars to armed groups in Syria which shelled Akcakale Town
Oct 06, 2012

The Newspaper also revealed that the bomber which was used to launch the mortar on the Turkish Akcakale town is only used by NATO.
In an article by its Editor-in-Chief Merdan Yanardag, Yurt clarified that it had information from a reliable source saying that Turkey was the side which sent the mortars to the members of so-called ”the free army”.
”Those information affirm that the Government of Erdogan’s wrong policy was behind the falling of the mortar in the town that claimed the lives of 5 Turks.” Yanaradag added.

en annan notis från en facebookgrupp – det måste vara incidenten från igår som avses.

Iskanderun governor just has announced ”There was no another mortar fell on here from Syria , all the things on media , IS A LIE”

breakingnews.sy – Iran, Turkey to improve Syria situation

Iran’s 1st Vice President, Mohammad Reza Rahimi, says the Islamic Republic and Turkey have agreed on taking positive steps towards improving the situation in Syria.
Rahimi, who was talking to reporters upon his return from Turkey on Friday, said both sides emphasized that there is no military solution to the Syria crisis and that it must be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy.

breakingnews.sy – Russia delivers humanitarian aid to Damascus

A Russian Emergencies Ministry plane carrying some 25 tonnes of medicines has landed in Syrian capital of Damascus.
Russia has sent three batches of humanitarian aid over the last 30 days, totaling 80 tonnes of supplies.

Author and journalist Afshin Rattansi

Webster Tarpley – US seeks escalation in Syria-Turkey conflict

I would first of all say that General Firouzabadi of the Iranian Armed Forces is absolutely correct, that the US desire is to embroil both Turkey and Syria in a fratricidal, pointless and destructive conflict. That is certainly true. That has been clear for quite a while.

UN Security Council condemns Aleppo bombings, The United Nations Security Council has condemned the recent deadly bombings in the Syrian city of Aleppo as “terrorist attacks” in the first UN proclamation censuring activities by anti-government insurgents.

Stephen Gowans – The struggle for hegemony in the Muslim world

Reactionary Islam may have won the battle for hegemony in the Muslim world, as Tariq Ali asserts, and with it, the United States, which has often manipulated it for its own purposes, but the battle has yet to be won in Syria, and one would hope, never will be. That’s what’s at stake in the country: not a fragile, popular, egalitarian, pro-democracy movement, but the last remaining secular Arab nationalist regime, resisting both the oppressions and obscurantism of the Muslim Brothers and the oppressions and plunder of imperialism.

worldmathaba.net – Syria Real News – October 6 roundup

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