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Scott Creighton om detta att en överenskommelse undertecknades i FN i fredags som gör det möjligt för en ryskledd militärallians, CSTO, att skicka fredsbevarande trupper till Syrien – Russian Peacekeeping Forces “CAN” Deploy to Syria Under New UN Mandate

This development is huge which is probably why we have heard nothing about it in the MSM till this point. It is not an order to deploy as of yet, which is what the misleading Voltaire Network article suggests in it’s title, but it is one step closer to Russia putting boots on the ground in Syria to help defend their people from the naked aggression of NATO. It also shows the growing influence of Russian President Putin as well as the rapidly collapsing propaganda from the West.
It may not completely deter NATO and State Department aggression toward Syria on it’s own, but once they are deployed, since they are aligned with the 3 other nuclear powers signed onto the SCO, it will certainly give the “regime changers” reason to pause and think about their next move.
Of course, the deployment of this group has not been achieved as of yet, the boots are yet to be on the ground, so the danger is that something will be done in the very near future, before they arrive in country.

Syriens utrikesminister Walid al-Muallem fördömde västs inblandning i Syriens inre angelägenheter i sitt tal i FN idag –Syrian FM condemns ‘blatant interference’ in internal affairs – Hela hans talutskrivet på sana.sy eller här – Syrian Foreign Minister at U.N. General Assembly. Neo-colonialism under Pretext of Humanitarian Intervention

Instead of seeking to contribute to the settlement of regional and international disputes by peaceful means, some well-known countries continue to pursue new colonial policies based on political hypocrisy in dealing with these crises.

News Analysis på Press TV – ‘Syria insurgents akin to MKO terrorists’ – Delar av programmet finns utskrivet – West allied with al-Qaeda in Syria crisis: Analyst, Interview with Political Analyst George Jabour, Damascus. Och – US plays human rights card in Syria to ensure self interests: Analyst, political commentator Joseph Zrnchick – Även Franklin Lamb deltar.

syrianperspective.blogspot.se – SYRIAN ARMY CONFIRMS 7,200 TERRORISTS KILLED IN ALEPPO WITH OVER 4,243 FOREIGN KILLERS CONFIRMED AMONG THEM; DESPERATE GERMAN AND ENGLISH SPIES TRY TO CONTROL ANARCHIC TERRORISTS WITH ISLAMIST AGENDA – Det där om att de väpnade gängen till 95% består av utlänningar, som det talades om i ett inlägg jag länkade till igår, var nog lite överdrivet.

Our sources in SyrPer have contacted us just now with a count taken by Syrian Military Intelligence which confirms the death of 7,233 criminals and among them 4,.243 foreign killers from countries as diverse as France (275), Libya (641), Jordan (18), Yemen (8), Egypt (22), Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey (3), Chechenya (3), Iraq (49), U.K. (44), Pakistan (2) and other countries. The actual number of Syrian citizens is not known now, but it appears clearly that foreign mercenaries are the majority.

voltairenet.org om hur attacken mot försvarsministeriet i Damaskus förra veckan gick till – Al Qaeda attack against the Syrian Defence Ministry

Al Qaeda attacked the Syrian Ministry of Defence on 26 September 2012. The attackers were disguised as Syrian soldiers and used a service vehicle. They managed to cross the security checkpoints by showing fake papers. Their plan to kill the Chiefs of Staff backfired, since they were given the wrong information and ended up in the wrong building. Contrary to Western media claims, they did not receive any inside help.

larouche.se – Lavrovs klarspråk om kärnvapenkrig

I sitt tal inför FN:s generalförsamling den 29 september gick Lavrov till hårt angrepp på USA:s och Natos politik att att strunta i FN-stadgan och driva Syrien allt djupare in i blodbadet. Stadgan tillåter inte, sa han, varken en politik för regimförändring, beväpning av en regims terroristiska motståndare, som man gör mot Syrien, liksom inte heller användning av sanktioner vid sidan av FN organisationen. Han pekade på hur Nato kräver att Assad-regeringen skall respektera vapenvila, samtidigt som man uppmuntrar och stöder oppositionens ökade våldsanvändning.

When is the Syrian ‘opposition’ Syrian?

A novelist, filmmaker and journalist makes his way to the Turkish-Syria border with the help of his Turkish left friends and contacts, to investigate the refugee camps and military camps where he says Syrian and non-Syrian fighters are undergoing training. The locals he meets seem to confirm their suspicions.

.. an owner of a huge coffee shop with several impressive water pipes is one exception, but even he prefers to keep his full name and the name of his business anonymous:
People that the west describes as ‘Syrian opposition’ are considered here, in Hatay, as just a bunch of renegades and bandits. It is hard to believe they actually call them refugees! Refugees with guns, roaming our streets; get real! They are not good people. Almost all of them wear beards, carry guns and make our citizens frightened.”

People here believe that the US and the west in general are heavily involved in the conflict in Syria, and that they are grooming the opposition which is both very religious and very intolerant. Hillary Clinton was here in Turkey, and she openly declared that her country would be supporting the ‘refugees’. Now, to make it clear, these people that are being called ‘refugees’ come to our city, and they rent houses here and then many of them are walking around fully armed, waving their machine guns. What is on everyone’s mind here is that they did not come here just to fight the war at the other side of the border – they appear to be quite ready and capable of igniting the violence in Hatay itself.”

Video 30 min, troligen från någon kristen amerikansk kanal, som visar en intervju med två personer som gjort en dokumentär om Syrien, efter ca 8 min visas grymma bilder från Syrien från deras film, bl.a. när huvudet skärs av en man vid en trottoarkant – Decision Point- The Syrian Revolution with Walid &Ted Shoebat

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