29 sep

Dessa kemiska vapen på tapeten igen… se upp för false flag-attack!
Pentagon claims Syria moved chemical weapons

The Syrian government may have moved some of its chemical weapons to safeguard them against rebel forces, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said at a Friday press conference.
While some weapons were moved to locations unknown to US intelligence, Panetta said the main storage sites remain secure and under government control.

Dozens of Syrian insurgents killed in Aleppo

Syrian government troops have killed dozens of foreign-backed insurgents in an assault on a compound in the flashpoint city of Aleppo as heavy fighting continues between the two sides, Press TV reports.

Syrian forces repel insurgents from Lebanon border

Syrian security forces have pushed back a number of foreign-backed insurgents trying to cross into the crisis-hit city of Homs through borders with Lebanon.

Outside Meddling In Syria Threat To Whole World Order: Russian Official

Attempts to solve the Syria crisis outside the U.N. would have destructive consequences for both Syria and the existing world order, a senior Russian diplomat said Friday.
“The attempts to look for ways out of the crisis in Syria outside the U.N. Security Council would have very destructive and dangerous consequences for Syria itself, for the Middle East region and, eventually, for the current world order as a whole,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said at a conference of professional diplomats.

Russia’s Lavrov Reiterates All-Embracing Ceasefire for Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reiterated on Friday that conflicting sides in Syria must first of all stop violence and maintain ceasefire to begin resolving the ongoing conflict in the country.
“Practical steps to overcome the crisis must begin with the all-embracing ceasefire, release of all captives and hostages, deliveries of extra humanitarian aid,” Lavrov said speaking at the 67th session of the UN General Assembly in New York.
These steps, he said, will form conditions for the inter-Syrian dialogue. The conflicting sides must sit at the negotiating table “to work out a compromise concerning the essence and the pace of reformations that will suit all Syrians and provide for safety and rights of all ethnic and religious groups,” he added.

‘UN ridiculous, cover for US hypocrisy as force for democracy’

Terrorists Ferocity in Aleppo After the USA Promise of 45 Million Dollars Extra for Mercenaries

Video 2 min från Press TV – China condemns assassination of Press TV reporter

George Galloway på Press TV, video 49 min – Assassination of Press TV correspondent


Here are all the comments so far at the Daily Mail website:
Is it any wonder that people feel such contempt for Cameron.
He seldom misses an opportunity to say something untrue, unwise, tactless and undiplomatic, or quite stupid – and sometimes all of those together. …
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