27 sep

Mycket intressanta uppgifter Christof Lehmann kommer med här – Killing of Journalist Maya Naser in Damascus possibly tied to his investigation into Turkey War Crimes

Knowing what Maya Naser has been investigating during the last days of his life gives a clear indication of which images the FSA and the Turkish government want to control.
During the last days, leading up to the assassination of Maya Naser and the wounding of the Al-Alam and PRESS TV station chief in Damascus, Hussein Mortada, Maya was investigating a case which had the potential to lead to the impeachment of the Erdogan led government of Turkey and indictments for serious war crimes and human rights violations.
Earlier this month the Workers´Party – Turkey filed criminal charges for the Turkish governments support of the Free Syrian Army and related terrorist groups. Only days before his assassination, Maya Naser entered into an ad hoc investigative alliance into the alleged war crimes and human rights violation of the Turkish government with leading members of the Workers´Party Turkey, international lawyer Christopher Black, and the author of this article.
Maya Naser could not only confirm many of the Workers´Party´s allegations against the Turkish government, he could provide the evidence.

In subsequent, personal conversations between Maya Naser and the author of the article, he reiterated that there is further evidence that corroborates the suspicion that the government of Turkey is sending prisoners who have received a death sentence and those who serve life time sentences to Syria as an opportunity to be released from prison and as a chance to clear their record.
International lawyer Christopher Black responded to Maya Naser´s information, stating that if his information was correct, then the Turkish government is committing a war crime under the Rome Statute, which forbids forced service of non-combatants in war.
According to Christopher Black it would be possible to file a complaint with the ICC against Turkey and NATO if corroborating evidence could be produced, stating that if Turkey is involved in these crimes, then its partners are equally guilty.

syrianperspective.blogspot.se – ger en detaljerad beskrivning av hur attacken mot militärhögkvarteret igår gick till. Två självmordsbombare i bilar fulla med sprängmedel sprängdes, en vid ingången till området och en utanför byggnaden efter att vakter dödats av den första. Därefter stormade 30 terrorister in i byggnaden, planen var att de skulle ta höga militärer som gisslan och därefter döda dom. Men, detta skedde kl 7 på morgonen, och ett möte mellan höga militärer var planerat till den tiden men hade ställts in, inga militärledare fanns där. Detta som ett led i att vilseleda västs avlyssnare! Videon nedan visar hur trupper kommer till undsättning. Alla terrorister dödas utom 3 som tas tillfånga, en var syrier de övriga två kom från Libyen.

On September 25, 2012, terrorists detonated two suicide bombs inside vans packed with C-4 (Semtex) explosives. The bombs went off at approximately 7:00 a.m. local time in Damascus before the arrival of Syrian General Staff officers. According to Syrian state t.v., four guards were killed and innocent bystanders were injured, some seriously. Down the highway which links the Damascus International Airport to Omayyad Square, was the Martyr’s Sons School which had been commandeered by terrorists and was used as a staging ground for attacks on the Ministry of Defense immediately after the two explosions. Our source in Damascus, Monzer, spoke to us this morning and confirmed the accuracy of the state television report. But, he had more to say about the origins of this operation.
First of all, the timing was inelegant. The bomb went off at 7:00 in the morning. Interestingly, the Syrian Defense Minister, Lt. General Fahd Al-Fureij, was to have met at that time with several high-ranking field commanders. But the meeting was cancelled the night before because General Fureij has put into operation a ”disinformation” program in which appointments are made across ordinary lines in order to confuse NATO eavesdroppers.

Russia Today – Calls for Assad capitulation, not dialogue, encourages Syria terror – Lavrov

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – Syria: The Opposition and terrorism

The west has once again armed, trained and supported terrorist forces in an internal conflict in a sovereign nation, breaching international law; the murderous activities of this scourge is the responsibility of the operationals on the ground and their foreign military and political backers.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – Maya Naser murdered by terrorists

Press TV – ‘Press TV reporter death premeditated’ Interview with Paul Wolf, human rights and international lawyer, Washington

I think that that is very, very significant that he (Press TV correspondent Maya Naser) was not just another journalist who died in some crossfire. He was assassinated

Press TV – Assassinating Press TV reporter violation of int’l law: AnalystInterview with political analyst Omar Nashabe, Beirut

So this, in a way, is a violation of all international laws by targeting a journalist who was there in this terror attack.

‘Press TV reporter’s assassin must be brought to justice’

‘Terrorist-backed uprising in Syria drives world to 9/11 style war’ – Afshin Rattansi

Pepe Escobar – Why Qatar wants to invade Syria

Make no mistake; the Emir of Qatar is on a roll.
What an entrance at the UN General Assembly in New York; Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani called for an Arab coalition of the willing-style invasion of Syria, no less.
In the words of the Emir, ”It is better for the Arab countries themselves to interfere out of their national, humanitarian, political and military duties, and to do what is necessary to stop the bloodshed in Syria.” He stressed Arab countries had a ”military duty” to invade.
What he means by ”Arab countries” is the petromonarchies of the Gulf Counter-Revolution Club (GCC), previously known as Gulf Cooperation Council – with implicit help from Turkey, with which the GCC has a wide-ranging strategic agreement. Every shisha house in the Middle East knows that Doha, Riyadh and Ankara have been weaponizing/financing/providing logistical help to the various strands of the armed Syrian opposition engaged in regime change.

breakingnews.sy – Turkish Republican Party: Erdogan’s support to Free Army is a constitutional crime

video 1 tim med intervju – bloggingheads.tvElias Muhanna (Qifa Nabki, Brown University) and Camille Otrakji (The Syria Page)

video – Syria News 27.9.2012, Al-Ikhbariya Syrian TV Hacked, Technical Team Restores Broadcast in 90

Syria Real News – September 26 & 27 roundup

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