25 sep

Från facebookThe Syrian TV declares arresting Saudi and Turkish officers in Aleppo.

Från Press TV idag – Security crisis in Syria over: Iran deputy FM

Iran’s deputy foreign minister for Arab and African affairs says the security crisis in Syria is over and Tehran will continue its efforts to stop violence in the country.
“Iran will use all its spiritual influence and power to help Syria to get rid of terrorists and will continue its all-out support for the Syrian nation and government,” Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said in a meeting with a parliamentary delegation representing Syria People’s Assembly on Tuesday.
Underlining the successful handling of foreign plots by the Syrian government, the Iranian deputy foreign minister stated that Syria’s enemies have failed in their plans to overthrow the country’s government and Syria has weathered the security phase of the crisis.

Att jämföra med Ekots inslag för ett par dagar sen där det påstods att de väpnade grupperna kontrollerar stora delar av Syrien!

farsnews.com – Syrian Rebel Groups Fired from Turkey

According to a report by Arabi Press news website, defected Colonel Ahmad Hijazi admitted that Ankara has fired the rebel group from Turkish soil and gave it a deadline to transfer its central command to Syria.
Meantime, he said FSA was also forced to move into Syrian soil in a bid to prevent further rift among rebel groups.
A senior commander of the so-called Free Syrian Army acknowledged that Ankara has fired rebel groups from Turkish soil.

syrianperspective.blogspot.se – ERDOGHAN ON HIS LAST DAYS AS P.M., SAYS SYRIAN INFO MINISTER –

Seven Citizens Injured in Explosive Device Blasts in Martyrs’ Sons School in Damascus, Terrorists Killed, DShK-equipped Cars Destroyed in Various Areas

On the bombing in Damascus near schools

Rableh: 280 Christians held hostage

Christians kidnapped in the village of Rableh, on the border with Lebanon, in western Syria, spreads: after the maxi kidnapping which occurred yesterday, of 150 people (see Fides article 25/9), today another 130 civilians were detained and kidnapped by armed gangs in the area, creating a group of 280 hostages. As local sources of Fides report, the hostages were crammed into a school in the village of Gousseh, while the kidnappers released the women that had been stopped previously. The armed kidnappers announced that they intend to wait for their head and then discuss any possible ransom.

Press TV – Lebanese army intercepts weapons, ammunitions bound for Syria

Lebanese army has intercepted a vehicle laden with military equipment which was destined for the anti-government insurgents in Syria.
The army said on Tuesday that the vehicle was seized at a checkpoint near the al-Qaa border crossing in east Lebanon. Five Syrian nationals, who had been illegally residing in Lebanon, were also on board.
The equipment seized includes hand grenades and communication hardware.
Since the beginning of unrest in Syria, Lebanese army has seized a large number of consignments of weapons and ammunitions bound for insurgents in Syria.

Yusuf Fernandez – Is the Syrian Crisis a Proxy War against Russia?

Ett team från en rysk TV-kanal har följt den syriska armén en längre tid och visar här bilder – Battle For Syria: View from the Frontline! Who is the Syrian army fighting? What is the armed opposition fighting for? And why are there so many interested parties in this conflict?

worldmathaba.net – Syria Real News – September 24 & 25 roundup

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