17 sep

Syria army clears Aleppo strategic district of al-Midan of insurgents

Damascus says the army has managed to clear Aleppo’s strategic district of al-Midan of armed groups fighting against the government.
More than a dozen insurgents were killed during the military operation to drive terrorists out of al-Midan on Monday.
There are reports of clashes between government troops and insurgents in several other Aleppo districts.
Meanwhile, Syrian troops repelled an attack by armed groups on a scientific research center in Aleppo’s al-Zahra neighborhood, inflecting heavy losses on them.


There are nearly 50 high-ranking intelligence agents on Turkey’s Syria border, including agents from the United States, France, Germany, Britain and “perhaps Greece,” former CIA agent Philip Giraldi told Tolga Tan?s, of daily Hürriyet in an interview.
The former agent said there would be numerous spies working under the high-ranking spies and “many” informants working under them.

Increased numbers of ‘foreign elements,’ Jihadi groups operating in Syria

UN investigators confirmed that “foreign elements,” including jihadists, are operating in Syria. The independent panel also alleged that both the Syrian government and the rebels committed war crimes during the country’s ongoing conflict.
­The independent investigations panel appointed by the UN’s Human Rights Council reported that some of the foreign elements joined rebel groups, while others acted independently. “Such elements tend to push anti-government fighters towards more radical positions,” the head of the panel warned.

FN varnar för fler militanta islamister i Syrien

Syria Contact Group to hold first meeting in Cairo

The foreign ministers of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey will hold their first high-level meeting on the Syrian conflict in Cairo on Monday, IRNA reported.
Egyptian President, Mohammad Mursi, and Iranian Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, are expected to conduct a separate bilateral meeting, the report said.

Några tusen nya legokrigare att skicka in i Syrien! U.S.-Saudi agreement: 5,000 Yemeni Al-Qaeda jihadists to be sent to Syria

Five thousand Al-Qaeda jihadists will be sent to Syria, according to an agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia and the head of the Yemeni branch of the jihadist group, which is classified as a terrorist organization in Washington.
Online information in the region provided by Yemeni website AdenAlghad.net and Iranian news agency Al Alam says that representatives of the governments of the United States and Saudi Arabia have signed an agreement with jihadist Tariq al-Fadhli (pictured in black shirt and with gun belt) who is said to have been a comrade of Osama bin Laden, to deploy 5,000 jihadists to Syria from the city of Ja’ar y Zinjibar in southern Yemen.
This could explain the ”sudden withdrawal of armed men in the Abyan region of Yemen,” as quoted by media which used Russia Today as a source for their information.

worldmathaba.net – Syria Real News – September 16 & 17 roundup

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