13 sep

Lavrov: Interference in Syria outside UNSC mandate will lead to dire consequences

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned that Western attempts to interfere in Syria outside the UN Security Council mandate will lead to dire consequences witha spillover that will affect the entire ME region and the new world order.
RT television quoted Lavrov as saying during a press conference on Thursday that the attempts of some countries to impose political stances on the UNSC that overstep the outcomes of the internal Syrian dialogue, which seek a regime change in Syria go against the UNSC powers and the UN Charter that stipulate non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign countries.
Lavrov said that Western countries are pushing for a Libya-style solution in Syria by siding with one party and encouraging the Syrian opposition to reject dialogue with the Syrian government.

Al-Moallem Stresses Full Cooperation with Brahimi to Make his Mission Succeed

Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Walid al-Moallem, on Thursday met the UN envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, and the accompanying delegation.
Minister al-Moallem welcomed Brahimi and stressed Syria’s full cooperation with him to make his mission succeed.
Al-Moallem told Brahimi that in spite of the difficulty of his mission, the success of his good offices is based on how serious some states, which tasked him with the mission, and how credible these states are in helping Syria.

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Syrian engineer units dismantled more than 15 explosive devices in Yalda town in Damascus Countryside after Syrian security forces cleaned the town from the armed groups. The explosive devices were placed in the buildings and on the streets. Members of engineer units told that terrorists who make these devices have large experience in this and they have not been trained in Syria. Also the authorities seized a workshop for manufacturing explosive devices in al-Shihab Street in Yalda town. Residents of Yalda town on Thursday started to return to their homes.

friatider.se – 20 minuter av skräck: Video visar hur Fredrik Reinfeldts allierade beter sig i Syrien

Avrättningar av krigsfångar, tortyr av civila, en massaker på ett postkontor och likskändningar och grova våldsbrott mot lokalbefolkningen. De mediahyllade rebellerna – som får ett omfattande ekonomiskt bistånd från Sveriges regering – begår brott mot mänskligheten i Syrien.

Dr. Elias Akleh – The Terrorist War Against Syria

Foreign, American, NATO and Arab, military intervention in Syria was not possible due to the Syrian/Iranian military defense pact and to the Russian and Chinese veto in the UN. The anti-Syrian alliance was left with only one option; military and financial support to the foreign militia, mercenaries, and Al-Qaeda terrorist groups operating in Syria to weaken and to destroy the country. They do that openly, shamelessly, and in violation of all international laws.
The American administration and NATO give themselves the right to invade, occupy, and destroy other countries across the globe under the justification of fighting Al-Qaeda terror groups, they themselves had originally created, while deny the same right to Syrian regime, who is fighting terrorists within its own country.

worldmathaba.net – Syria Real News – September 12 & 13 roundup

  1. #1 av Kerstin på 14 september, 2012 - 19:28

    Somligt slår tillbaka men det torde inte få de ledande i USA/Nato att fatta förnuftigare beslut.

    • #2 av Stan på 14 september, 2012 - 22:43

      Du menar ambassad-attackerna i Libyen och andra ställen? Jag undrar just om inte the usual suspects ligger bakom även det. Och om man insett att man inte kommer att lyckas med nuvarande taktik i Syrien och provar något nytt. Frågan är hur man tänkt sig, någon storkonflikt där Iran och Syrien ska dras in….??


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