12 sep

Minst sagt anmärkningsvärt är väl vad man kan säga om uppgifterna som Ronda Hauben kommer med. De FN-observatörer under ledning av general Mood som fanns i Syrien genomförde en undersökning och gjorde intervjuer i Houla efter massakern där den 25:e maj. Den bild man fick motsade i vart fall delvis den som mainstreammedierna förde fram om att regeringsstyrkorna genomfört massakern. Och denna rapport delades sen inte ut till medlemmarna i säkerhetsrådet! Ungefär som i januari då den delegation från Arabförbundet som fanns i Syrien kom med en rapport och i den talade om betydelsen av väpnade gäng för läget, något som man då ännu försökte hålla tyst om i medierna. Den rapporten tystades också ned och delegationen fick strax därefter avsluta sitt uppdrag.
Ronda Hauben – The UN and General Mood’s “Missing Report” on Conflicting Accounts of Houla Massacre

When the Houla massacre first occurred, UNSMIS observers went to investigate the massacre. The initial response of UNSMIS was that there were two views of what had occurred and who was responsible presented to them. UNSMIS said it was not yet possible to make a determination which was accurate and which was a falsification.
In June, responding to the request from the UN Security Council in the press statement issued after the Houla massacre that UNSMIS do an investigation,(2) Major General Robert Mood, the commander of UNSMIS told journalists that a report had been prepared and submitted to UN headquarters.
In the article “General Mood: ‘Two Versions’ of the Houla Massacre,” John Rosenthal writes, “At the June 15 press conference General Mood went on to say that the mission had assembled a report about the massacre, including the details of witness interviews and that this report had been submitted to UN headquarters in New York. This raises an obvious question,” writes Rosenthal, “Why has this report not been rendered public?”

Lakhdar Brahimi starts mission in Syria

FN förmår alltså inte fördöma den terrorattack som visas i inlägget 10 sep nedan! UN condoning terrorism – Russia

Russia has failed to achieve the adoption of a UN Security Council draft statement condemning a series of bombings in the Syrian city of Aleppo committed on September 9.
A series of attacks by militants killed about 50 people and left more than a hundred injured.

West accepts terrorism when it’s politically expedient – Russian FM

Den general som ändå inte hade haft några arbetsuppgifter sedan många månader och som västmedierna gjorde så mycket väsen av när han lämnade Syrien fick nog även bra betalt av väst. Syria defector Manaf Tlas hints at French intelligence aid

Key Syrian defector Gen Manaf Tlas has hinted that French secret agents helped him flee Syria in early July.

UN observer chief warns against supporting Syrian rebels

The Norwegian general who led a 400-strong UN monitoring mission in Syria has warned that Western governments supporting the opposition risk prolonging the conflict.
General Robert Mood, who left Damascus two months ago, says countries which aided the rebels were not helping to end the conflict in Syria.
”Anyone feeding the violence with money or weapons should consider very carefully whether this brings us closer, or further away from less violence and more dialogue,” he said.
”The international community may actually prolong the terrible suffering for the Syrian people.”

Aamir Raza Husain – The game plan in Syria

The Arab nationalistic challenge to Western interests has always been rooted in the desire to be masters in their own lands and control their own resources. In the latter part of the last century Nasser, Hafiz al Assad, Gaddafi and Saddam became symbols of this freedom for all Arabs.
Today, after 60 years, the lands of Nasser, Gaddafi and Saddam stand destroyed, their resources plundered, their infrastructure demolished, their children growing up in the shadow of guns. Assad stands as the lone survivor.
As the Indian diaspora flee from Damascus and land in Delhi, they have a similar story to tell. ”Before an American presidential election some Muslim country gets ravaged,” says Kaniz Zainub Zehra. ”Clinton did it to Afghanistan, Bush did it to Iraq, Obama did it to Libya. As he comes up for re-election, he is doing it to Syria.” ”The protests against the regime were all engineered,” said Sayed Intikhab, who returned to UP recently.

‘West, allies seek Iraq-style war in Syria’

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