9 sep

Several killed as massive blast hits central Aleppo

Several civilians have been killed or injured after an explosive-laden car went off in Syria’s northwestern city of Aleppo

Webster Tarpley på Press TV

Press TV: Dr. Tarpley according to this French doctor who’s just been back from Syria the majority of patients he treated there, the patients who were insurgents who were non-Syrian, how are these foreign insurgents recruited first of all?
Tarpley: Well, they’re recruited by networks of NATO intelligence. This is after all a CIA covert operation, they form a secret army. I can certainly confirm what this report says. That was already clear last November when I visited places like Damascus and Homs and Bani Yazd over on the coast.
The reports were that foreign fighters were a significant and growing part of this insurrection, so they’ve been recruited from Morocco to Pakistan and from Somalia to Chechnya.
In particular the Libyans are a big group because there was a direct airlift setup. The fighters, the Jihadists that were used by NATO intelligence to overthrow Gaddafi were loaded on airplanes and brought to Southern Turkey so that is what it is.
I think it would be important – we got all the way through Kofi Anan without having this brought up – maybe Brahimi can finally give us a report of what’s happening because this one single fact about the foreign fighters is so obvious, but somehow it doesn’t enter into the official discussions – obviously it should and maybe now it will.

Michel Chossudovsky på Press TV – EU states support terrorist Free Syrian Army

The EU member states have been lending support to the terrorist Free Syrian Army in an attempt to pave the grounds for intervention in Syria, a top Russian political analyst tells Press TV.
In an exclusive interview on Saturday, Michel Chossudovsky, director of the Center for Research on Globalization, pointed to the meeting of the EU Foreign Ministers in Cyprus in which they discussed the Syrian issue.
“They are addressing the issues of Syria focusing on atrocities which have been committed without acknowledging the fact that these atrocities, these bomb attacks are in fact committed by opposition forces or [so-called] Free Syrian Army and they themselves are supporting the Free Syrian Army,” he said.

PressTV – New UN-Arab League envoy to Syria to visit Iran

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia and Oceania Affairs Abbas Araghchi says new UN-Arab League envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi plans to visit the Iranian capital, Tehran.
Araghchi said on Sunday that al-Ibrahimi plans to visit Iran after his trip to Syria.
In a phone conversation with al-Ibrahimi on Saturday, Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said Tehran was ready to assist the new UN-Arab League envoy in his mission to restore peace in the Arab country.
Salehi added that Iran was looking for a peaceful and Syrian-Syrian solution without the interference of other countries.

Huge Gathering in Tartous in Solidarity with Syrian National Media

Mass crowds of citizens gathered on the Coastal Corniche of Tartous to express solidarity with the Syrian national media against the campaign launched against it.
The gathered people condemned the decision to stop the broadcast of Syrian TV channels on NileSat and Arabsat as a desperate attempt to undermine the Syrians’ determination and strength.

sana.sy – Syrian Air Runs Two Flights to Amman, Increases Number of Flights to Beirut

Syrian rebels use kidnappings to raise funds

An epidemic of kidnapping has broken out in Syria, with rebels using ransoms to fund their military operations and common criminals taking the opportunity to cash in.

Längre intervju med Finian Cunningham av Kourosh Ziabari – Violence in Syria Stems from Foreign Aggression

It is hard to see how the Western powers can pursue their plans in Syria. Russia and China are not going to be deceived again as they were over Libya. Also the violence and instability across the region from increasing Western intervention can rebound very badly on the West. They must know that, or else they are incredibly stupid.
Having said that, there is a very real danger that the West in its nefarious imperialist gaming could end up sparking a world war. I don’t think Russia, China and Iran are going to sit back and let the West tear apart an ally and all the strategic interests that these powers have in Syria.
It could turn out that the West backs off. However, that would still be a geopolitical gain for the West. Syria has been wrecked and badly weakened in this despicable Western episode of covert sabotage. The people have been traumatized and the economic base of the Syrian government must be decimated. That in itself has been a Western victory of sorts. Of course, that is appalling and heinous. It really is outrageous that the Western powers and their regional allies have gotten away with what they have in Syria.

Flera årtionden av sanktioner har gjort att man har ett stort mått av självförsörjning av livsmedel i Syrien.

worldmathaba.net – Syria Real News – September 9 roundup

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