8 sep

Middle East Today

Russia TodayClaude Moniquet, a former member of the French intelligence service and the founder of the European Intelligence and Security Center, a Brussels-based think tank specializing on terrorism and security issues, gave his view on why the Libyan scenario does not fitforDamascus.

RT: On one hand you’re saying that the West and its allies don’t really want to get involved in the operation in Syria, at the same time you’re saying that it is very likely that there are secret service agents in the country already. But it is getting involved then. What is the difference between military operation and having your agents on the ground?
CM: You can deny. You can deny. When you send the intelligence people, even if they’re killed, you can say that ‘I do not know him, maybe he is a journalist. I do not know. I’m not involved.’ The main prospect of the use of secret service and the secret agents is the possibility of denial – ‘Oh, I do not know him.’ When you are caught using guns, tanks, planes, you can’t say ‘Oops, it is not my plane.’

larouche.se – Stormaktsöverfall på Syrien

I Mellanöstern pågår ett försök att med militära medel fälla Syriens regering från västvärldens och dess allierades sida. Underrättelsetjänster i både USA, Storbritannien, Saudiarabien, Qatar, Turkiet och Tyskland stöder väpnade attacker på Syriens armé och befolkning. Det är en barbariskt krig i stil med västvärldens hemliga krig i Sydamerika under andra halvan av 1900-talet igångsatt utan stöd av FN-systemet och direkt motverkande den fredsplan Kofi Annan verkade för. Västvärlden har här hamnat på samma sida som terrorister, som på andra ställen i världen bekämpas i det s.k. kriget mot terrorismen.

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Russia will not support sanctions against Syria, because sanctions will bring no result, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said during the Asia-Pacific summit in Vladivostok on Saturday.
He stressed that the main task was to stop the bloodshed. At the September 20th session of the UN Security Council, Russia will push for approval of the communiqué passed by the Syria Action Group in Geneva, the Russian minister said.
The document calls for an end to violence, the beginning of political dialogue between the Syrian opposition and the Bashar Al Assad Government and the formation of a transitional government.
Lavrov welcomed a proposal to hold an internal opposition conference in Damascus, Lavrov said.

US Sponsored “Islamic Fundamentalism”: The Roots of the US-Wahhabi Alliance

To be sure, the religion of Islam poses just as much or little a threat to the world as the religions of Judaism or Christianity. Nevertheless, certain radical pockets exist who use and abuse religion to justify their disgust for dissent and whose totalitarian practices can only be classified as fascist. Their attempts to destroy reason, progress and humanist ideals make them ideal tools for the most aggressive imperialist factions within the U.S. establishment to push for regime change and implement their exploitative impoverishing agendas.

moonofalabama.org – MSF Doctor: At Least Half Of Insurgents Are Foreigners And Jihadis

worldmathaba.net – Syria Real News – September 7 & 8 roundup

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