5 sep

West seeks destruction of Syrian nation: Chossudovsky

CIA-chefen Petraeus på hemligt besök i Turkiet. Varför just nu? Vad har man på gång?

CIA Director reportedly in Turkey for secret talks

Turkish and American authorities have refused comment on persistent reports that the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency is currently on a secret visit to Turkey. News of the alleged trip was first reported on Monday by Turkish tabloid daily Aks,am. The newspaper said David Petraeus, who heads the United States’ foremost civilian intelligence agency, had arrived earlier that day in Istanbul’s Atatürk International Airport, on his private plane. According to the article, the CIA chief decided to embark on the unannounced trip in order to discuss “counterterrorism and the situation in Syria” with senior Turkish officials. Several hours later, French news agency Agence France Presse reported that, according to “a US official”, the CIA Director was indeed in Turkey, holding secret “meetings on regional issues”.

Idag är också Sommarström åter i gång i de Syrien-fientliga makternas propagandaorgan Ekot. Han har träffat lego-krigare från Libyen som nu tjänstgör i anfallet mot Syrien. Vad är syftet med detta? Att försöka vänja propaganda-konsumenterna vid att det är ett utlandslett angrepp mot Syrien som pågår? Liksom man tidigare gradvis fick anpassa sin bild från att det skulle handla om ett uppror av fredliga demonstranter till att det fanns väpnade grupper i landet.
Man kan också notera att Sommarström fått lära sig på utbildningen i psykologisk krigföring att det är effektfullt att ha med en känslosam beskrivning av barn som råkat illa ut. Han har gjort så tidigare och denna gången fick han med detta: ”Pojkens familj dödades i en helikopterattack. Han har såna där ögon som inte går att värja sig mot, där sorgen är så bottenlös att den inte går att beskriva.”

Fler tecken på att något kan vara på gång, Press TV –Nilesat, Arabsat stop broadcasting Syria state TV channels – och sana.sy verkar ha problem nu igen …

Satellite companies Nilesat and Arabsat have stopped broadcasting Syrian television stations in a clear act of hostility against the Damascus government.
The operators took Syria’s state television channel as well as pro-government channels al-Ekhbaryah and al-Dunya off air on Wednesday shortly after a meeting of Arab League ministers in Cairo.
In June, the Arab League asked satellite operators Nilesat and Arabsat to shut down Syrian TV signals.
The operators, however, continue broadcasting Syria’s anti-Damascus television channels.
The Syrian government has slammed the move as an attempt to silence the Syrians, stressing that it is in violation of media ethics.

globalresearch.ca, video 12 min – Dirty War on Syria: How the FSA Massacred Citizens of Daray

Tal av Syriens FN-ambassadör Bashar al-Jaafari igår.

Turkish Opposition Leader: Apaydin camp’s dedicated to train gunmen, send them to Syria

Leader of Turkey’s opposition Republican People’s Party Kemal Kilicdaroglu stressed that Apaydin Camp established by Erdogan’s government and dedicated to train gunmen and send them to Syria violates the international rules.
He called for referring the issue to the Turkish Supreme Court and punishing those who are responsible.
Talking to the journalists, Kilicdaroglu criticized the presence of foreign soldiers on the Turkish territories.
He added that such issue requires a decision by the Turkish Parliament.
He added that Apaydin Camp is illegal in terms of the UN relevant conventions.

Press TV – Countries arming Syria insurgents only increasing the misery: Ban Ki-moon

”Those who provide arms to either side are only contributing to further misery — and the risk of unintended consequences as the fighting intensifies and spreads,” he said.

Press TV – Insurgents kill pro-govt. demonstrator in Damascus

Tony Cartalucci – UK Obsession With Regime Change Responsible for Syria Catastrophe

Foreign Secretary William Hague to the British House of Commons (at around 28:00) stated that more ”death and suffering” would be required to convince Russia and other nations to change their positions on Syria.
This might answer the question as to why the United States, UK, France, NATO members including Turkey, and the despotic Gulf State autocracies have made such vigorous efforts to fund, arm, and support foreign terrorists affiliated with Al Qaeda, flowing over Syria’s borders throughout the duration of the conflict.
It is their hope to create such staggering amounts of Western-subsidized ”death and suffering” that the world begs for Western military intervention and regime change.
Hague however, faced criticism from the Labour Party’s Peter Hain who accused Hague of an ”obsession with regime” that amounted to a ”catastrophic and monumental failure of Western policy.”

Ghaleb Kandil – Hypocrisy and intervention in Syria

Many states, governments and political formations are increasingly using the expression “the rejection of foreign intervention in Syria” while tackling the Syrian events and the ways to deal with them. This expression features blatant hypocrisy, as it does not condemn the states involved in the war on Syria and does not hold them responsible for the support of terrorism. Indeed, this gives the impression that what is happening on Syrian soil is not external or foreign intervention and that the embracing of the Syrian events is not some sort of intervention to manage a war by proxy on behalf of America and Israel to destroy the Syrian state.

if what is happening in Syria on the political, military and intelligence levels does not constitute foreign intervention, what does? The United States, France, Britain, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar which compose the alliance of war and aggression against Syria are dividing the roles in placing funding, weapons, sophisticated communication devices and information drawn by satellite or from the espionage networks in Syria and the neighboring states at the disposal of terrorist armed gangs for which training camps are being established on Turkish soil under American command

George Galloway: ”how come there is a Jihad against the one country that doesn’t have a Camp David agreement (Peace treaty between Arab countries and Israel), but no Jihad on countries that do? How come there is a Jihad against the ONE country that does not have the mossad in it’s Capital, but no Jihad against the other countries that do have the mossad in their capitals?”

worldmathaba.net – Syria Real News – September 5 roundup

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    Exakt så som Galloway säger. Detta handlar om att driva den sionistiska agendan. Jubelidioter av Sommarström snitt behövs för att dölja just denna sanning: Västledare är sionsiternas lakejer och vill förstora Syrien å israels vägnar. Ändock kommer de INTE att lcykas. Tvärtom, ”the “sands of time” may eventually close in on the Israeli state”. Sionismens begravning närmar sig att mer …

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    There is certainly a great deal to know about
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