2 sep

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov censures West over Syria

If those who insist that the opposition continues its armed struggle until the (Syrian) government voluntarily lays down arms and runs away… then I get a very strong feeling that they are not motivated by the interests of the Syrian people, but rather by their own geopolitical interests

Thierry Meyssan – The Brahimi Plan

The Western press is saluting the audacity of Lakhdar Brahimi for having picked up the gauntlet by accepting to replace Kofi Annan as Special Representative of the Secretary Generals of both the United Nations and the Arab League in Syria. However, according to Thierry Meyssan, the truth of the matter is starkly different. Given the current failure of outright regime change in Damascus, this NATO confidence man has been entrusted with the task of unleashing all-out civil war in Syria.

The Western nation-states have just one message for Moscow and Bejing. They will not fall back; rather they are determined to press on by any and all means.

Hands off Syria! Frankfurt protests against military intervention (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The UN Security Council’s push for a human corridor in Syria, which critics say could bring military intervention, has sparked protests in Germany. About 1,000 people gathered in Frankfurt demanding an end to foreign meddling in the Syrian conflict.
­A crowd of around 1,000 people have gathered in front of the Opera House in Frankfurt to demonstrate against foreign military intervention in Syria. They waved the flags of the Syrian government and signs with photos of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Syria’s opposition SNC to expand, reform

The main opposition Syrian National Council has agreed to expand to include more groups opposing President Bashar al-Assad and will reform to be more representative, a spokesman told AFP on Sunday.
At a meeting in Stockholm late on Saturday, the SNC agreed to expand its membership and to hold a vote later this month to elect its leadership, spokesman George Sabra said.
The move follows criticism from both within and outside the group that it is failing to unite the diverse opposition forces working against Assad, after more than 17 months of brutal conflict.

Robert Fisk: Syria’s road from jihad to prison, For the first time, a Western journalist has been granted access to Assad’s military prisoners

Men det här från debka.com, ska man verkligen tro på det? Russia is disengaging from Syria: Arms shipments stopped, warships exit Tartus – är det ägnat att förvilla och vilseleda? Det var väl den sidan som i juli kom med uppgifter om att en stor gemensam militärövning skulle hållas med deltagande av Ryssland, Kina och Iran, vilket visade sig vara osant.

Russian naval vessels have unexpectedly departed the Syrian Mediterranean port of Tartus and Russian arms shipments to Syria have been suddenly discontinued. debkafile’s military sources reveal that those and other steps indicate that the Russians are rapidly drawing away from the Syrian arena to avoid getting caught up in the escalating hostilities expected to arise from military intervention by the US, Europe and a number of Arab states. Russian intelligence appears to have decided that this outside intervention is imminent and Moscow looks anxious to keep its distance for now.

Syria News 2.9.2012. Robert Fisk visited Syrian jail, Qatari airplane smuggle telecomunications
* The Lebanese customs frustrated an attempt to smuggle 12 modern communication devices into the Lebanese territories, Al-Manar TV reported.
* Four People Injured in the Terrorist Bombing Hit al-Mahdi Street in Abu Rommaneh in Damascus
* The Independent: Robert Fisk spoke about his visit to Syrian jail.
* March Held in Frankfurt to Support Syria and Reject Foreign Interference, Protest against US Policies Held in Moscow

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