1 sep

Press TV – China, Russia against Western plans in Syria

There are different attitudes towards the Syrian regime. But while fighting in the streets continues, it is absolutely unrealistic to say that the only way out is for one side to unilaterally capitulate.”
Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov

Tony Cartalucci – NATO Terrorists to Target Syria’s Civilian Airports, In violation of international law, NATO-backed terrorists plan civilian airport raids.

the two airports have been picked to maximize terror against both the Syrian people and government forces, as well as undermine Syria politically on the international stage. In other words, they are craven acts of terrorism designed to achieve a political, not military objective – to attack, not defend Syria’s civilian population. And it will be craven terrorist attacks carried out with funding, arms, and logistical support provided by the US, UK, Israel, NATO-member Turkey, and the Gulf State despots of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
The attacks will have absolutely no impact on Syrian security operations, and will instead simply paralyze civilian infrastructure and inevitably cost civilian lives. It will serve to panic the Syrian people, thus creating yet more refugees with which NATO will then claim demands foreign military intervention in the form of long sought-after ”safe havens.” Essentially, NATO is purposefully encouraging an atmosphere of terror and panic, then using the resulting refugees and humanitarian crisis as political bargaining chips.

Syria Rebels preparing to attack civilian flights flying from or to Syria

Christof Lehmann – NAM Movement Summit Closes with 680 Points Statement but Results Pertaining Syria Doubtful

A solution for Syria may well be found with the participation of members of the Non-Aligned Movement but it is doubtful that it can play the significant role it could play if it developed into a more coherent, proactive and UN-Independent Coalition.

Churkin slams French willingness to recognize Syrian opposition

The Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, has levelled criticism at French President Francois Hollande’s statement to the effect that France is prepared to recognize the recently formed Syrian opposition government.
This runs counter to the international community’s stance on the issue, set down in the Final Communiqué of the Action Group for Syria, a group that comprises government and opposition officials, the Russian diplomat said in the wake of a Security Council meeting on the situation in the Arab country.
Vitaly Churkin condemned the material support of the US, Saudi Arabia and some other nations for the Syrian opposition and spoke negatively of the idea of setting up so-called buffer zones on Syrian soil.

UNSC meeting on Syria interrupted by politics, It was France who called for the ministerial meeting at the UN Security Council on Thursday — but out of the Permanent Five nations — only French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and British Foreign Secretary William Hague showed up. Humanitarian issues in Syria were the key topic — but politics interrupted even before the start when France spoke of the Syrian government as though it had already been overthrown.

Helt tydligt är det ett av de gamla beprövade tricken som man försöker nu, upprättande av sk skyddade zoner motiverade av humanitära skäl, för att på något sätt försöka skaffa sig alibi för att släppa lös sin krigsmaskin. UK may act against UN Security Council on Syria

Britain and France say they are “not ruling out” the possibility of enforcing a no-fly zone over Syria while British Foreign Secretary William Hague indicated that such a move could be in defiance of the UN Security Council (UNSC).
In a joint news conference with French Foreign Minister Laurant Fabius in New York on Thursday August 30, Hague said: “We are not ruling out any options for the future”.
He also admitted that enforcing a no-fly zone would require military interference in Syria saying such a move would be unlikely to get past the UNSC.

från facebook, uppgifterna kommer tydligen från Russia Today men jag har ingen länk dit.

RT / More than 8,000 members of Syrian security forces have been killed since an uprising began in the country in March 2011, the director of the Tishrin military hospital in Damascus said on Thursday. The director, a doctor who also holds the rank of general, revealed the number to AFP on the condition of anonymity. “Every day, we receive an average of 15 to 20 bodies of soldiers and members of security forces, with the numbers increasing since the beginning of the year,” the official said. Approximately 70 percent of military casualties are transported to Tishrin, with the rest sent to hospitals in other provinces. About 60 percent of the victims were killed by gunfire, while 35 percent died in explosions, the general said.

Robert Fisk: Another week in the violent, murderous and divided world of Syria

A week is a long time in violence. It seems only yesterday – five days ago, in fact – that armed men shot Sheikh Abu Haitham al-Bortawi outside the el-Noor mosque in the Rukenadin suburb of Damascus. Went to the scene. Middle class area. Tree shaded, clean street. Ten in the morning. Turns out he was the cleric who knelt right next to Bashar al-Assad for the Eid prayers at the end of Ramadan. A dagger to the heart of the body politick.

video – Kevork Elmassian on RT discussing the no fly zone and the situation in Syria

video – Demonstration i Ankara, Turkiet mot Erdogans Syrien-politik och till stöd för Syriens president och det syriska folket.

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