16 aug

Tillfångatagna journalister, bl.a. Yara Saleh, släppta (video ) – Al-Ikhbariya TV Team Released from the Terrorist Groups

Press TV – Syrian army continues clearing Aleppo of insurgents

Fighting continued across several Syrian cities on Wednesday night as armed insurgents faced a firm response from Syrian Armed Forces.
Security forces also seized a dozen vehicles carrying weapons for insurgents in a suburb of the northwestern city of Aleppo.

Frågan är om något är på gång i Syrien, en ny massaker eller liknande, kanske denna gång med de kemiska vapen som det har varnats för länge. Vilket medierna naturligtvis genast skulle skylla på ”regimen”, och de välbearbetade medborgarna i väst skulle svälja och ta emot och instämma i ropen på att något måste göras, de ”moraliskt högtstående” västländerna måste ingripa. Det som får mig att fundera i dessa banor är t.ex. att Ekots J-M Sommarström nu befinner sig inne i Syrien, har han verkligen fått inresetillstånd? De syriska myndigheterna måste ju vara medvetna om att han deltar aktivt på fiendens sida som psykologisk krigförare. Eller har han tagit sig in i landet illegalt? Det har varit ganska lugnt med Syrien-rapporteringen ett tag men nu har propagandan tilltagit igen, och Sommarström brukar dyka upp när någon ny offensiv genomförs. Dessutom har en ny FN-rapport om Syrien släppts, brukar också höra till när något är på gång. Rapporten i sig har så låg trovädighet så den förtjänar knappast att tittas på.
| UPPDATERING – Sommarström hade tydligen tagit sig in från Turkiet till en stad som ligger nära gränsen, och har nu lämnat Syrien igen. |

Tony Cartalucci – Latest UN Syria Report Compiled by Washington Think-Tanker

Russia warns the West against ”sabotaging” Syria accord

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned the West against ”sabotage” of a political transition accord to end the Syria unrest.
Lavrov on Wednesday accused certain Western countries of not taking measures to implement the accord that world powers agreed in Geneva last month to end the crisis in Syria, adding that Moscow would not let the West ”sabotage” the political transition accord.

”There is a need for outside players to put pressure on all Syrian sides, [and] stop urging and inciting the opposition to continue the armed struggle,” Lavrov said.

guardian.co.uk – A question of legality over intervention in Syria

The UK is today assisting military action against Syria in an engagement on which there has been no public debate and no legal decision. Such lawlessness denies the British people their right to participate in major political decisions. We call for an immediate cessation of UK support for the military intervention in Syria led by the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

Video med en nunna från Syrien – “Free Syrian Army” Killing Christians, Burning Churches

She told The Irish Times she was in Ireland “not to advocate for the (Assad) regime but for the facts”. Most news reports from Syria were “forged, with only one side emphasized”, she said. This also applied to the UN, whose reports were “one-sided and not worthy of that organization”

från facebook

20 tanks have been sent from Libya to Turkey in order to be given to the Syrian rebels. This deal has been done under the supervision of America and Qatar.
Al-Hadathnews website reporting from an Israeli website.

att ha i åtanke om medierna kommer med påståenden om att ”rebellerna” lyckats komma över ett antal tanks från den syriska militären.

Scott Creighton – Obama’s FSA Admits to Bombing UN Observer’s Mission While US Public Opinion Shifts

Let’s make this very clear to start with, the Obama administration (or the administration of “President Peace Prize” as I like to call the left cover product Obama) is running a proxy destabilization campaign in Syria which is causing untold harm and suffering to the people of that nation.

The other day, just a day or so before the UN observer’s mission was set to end, a massive bomb went off right beside the hotel where the UN group was staying. The bomb leveled part of a city block but did not kill any of the observers but it was clearly done to either assassinate some if not all of them or at least to send a message to the UN to keep them from renewing their efforts in Syria.
A direct attack on United Nations personnel. Is is a coincidence that Kofi Annan quit the effort named after him just before the bombing?
Yesterday it seems that Hillary Clinton’s (and by extension, Barack Obama’s) FSA took credit for the attack. Think about that for a minute.
Days after Hillary claims they are going to step up their assistance to the terrorist who are the foot soldiers of her destabilization campaign in Syria, they attack a UN delegation looking to murder several of them in the process.
Does anyone else here wonder why it is that they think they can get away with something like this so close to an upcoming election in which Obama supposedly leads his Dive-taking rival, Mitt Romney? He’s sponsoring terrorist acts in foreign countries targeting the United Nations for God’s sake.
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    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for president…

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