15 aug

Eric Draitser, geopolitical analyst for stopimperialism.com, på Russia Today – ‘Unbridled hypocrisy?’ US criticizes Iran for aiding pro-Assad militias

Well I think these accusations arise out of US disapproval of this recent summit, which the Iranians put forward in Tehran, that brought together Russia and China and Venezuela and many other players around the world. The United States was kept out of the summit, as were many of the US client states including Qatar and Saudi Arabia. So clearly, the United States is upset at the fact the Tehran is trying to play a central role in conflict resolution, a conflict that the US has been fomenting now for a year and a half.
The comments of course illustrate something far beyond that, and that is the unbridled hypocrisy of Washington – accusing Iran of doing precisely what Washington has been doing, namely forming militias and engaging in fomenting civil war.

Bomb attack targets neighborhood in Syrian capital

A bomb attack has been carried out near a hotel in a neighborhood of the Syrian capital, Damascus.
Casualties were also reported following the Wednesday bombing.

video 2 min från Russia Today – Blast near UN monitor HQ in Damascus, three wounded

Press TV – New initiative presented to solve unrest in Syria

The Syrian opposition body; the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change, has called on all sides in Syria to stop the violence.
It proposed an initiative that, if agreed upon, would lead to dialogue between the government and the opposition

Tony Cartalucci – Libyan Terrorists Are Invading Syria, US, British, NATO, and GCC are arming and funding the foreign invasion of Syria – Western media providing increasingly tenuous ”revolutionary” cover

Reuters today provides us with a spectacularly contradictory headline in their report, ”Libyan fighters join Syrian revolt.” Obviously foreign fighters from Libya, raiding cities, attacking government and civilian targets, and attempting to subvert and overthrow the sovereign government of Syria is not a ”revolt.” It is an invasion.

Press TV – Syrian forces seize weapons in Aleppo’s Kafar Hamra suburb

Syrian security forces have seized a dozen vehicles carrying weapons for insurgents in a suburb of the northwestern city of Aleppo.
The cars were identified in the suburb of Kafar Hamra on Wednesday. The vehicles were captured as they were trying to enter Aleppo from the north.
In another development, Syrian forces also destroyed 10 cars full of weapons in Aleppo’s Kafar Besin.

Press TV – Syrian army clears districts in Idlib, Aleppo, Dara’a of insurgents

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – Israeli-US Script: Divide Syria, Divide the Rest

What is happening in Syria is a sign of things to come for the region. Regime change is not the sole goal of the US and its allies in Syria. Dividing the Syrian Arab Republic is the end goal of Washington in Syria.

video 9 min – gatustrider i Aleppo 12 aug

The main Syrian rebel group say they’re behind a powerful blast that ripped through central Damascus. The explosion struck just outside a hotel being used by the UN observers’ mission and an RT crew. Independent journalist James Corbett believes rebels are unliklely to draw condemnation from some foreign countries for the latest attack in Damascus

‘Iran must be player in Syria talks’ , Press TV has conducted an interview with Mauri Saalakhan, director, Peace THRU Justice Foundation, from Kentucky

Journo deaths in Syria: Who profits from reporter killings?

  1. #1 av Kerstin på 17 augusti, 2012 - 15:12

    Är rädd att klockan redan klämtat för Syrien och att landet redan är inne i en spiral som kommer att leda till blodbad oavsett om Assad sitter kvar eller tvingas bort (mördas) eller inte. På det sättet vinner USA/Nato i slutänden vad som än händer nu. Det är så sorgligt att man inte vill tänka på det ens.
    Så är det då bara att ladda upp inför det stora anfallet på Iran. 😦

    • #2 av Stan på 17 augusti, 2012 - 23:23

      Det ser ut som att man håller på att ladda om för nästa desperata plan. FN-observatörerna tas bort, och propagandan i medierna fortsätter, för att hålla liv i ämnet.
      Samtidigt som syriska militären kämpar med att komma tillrätta med det stora antal legokrigare som barrikaderade sig i Aleppo.
      Men vad kan de göra? Ge sig på ett regelrätt angrepp?
      Tänk om det kan bli så att västs finans-ayatollor får ge sig.


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