14 aug

Viktig och utförlig artikel om USA/västs strävan efter världsdominans, vilket kampanjen mot Syriens självständighet är en del av – South East China Sea; A Perfect Crisis for the International Crisis Group

National sovereignty, diversity and peaceful coexistence, the upholding of international law, combined with resistance against the US/NATO ambition for global full spectrum dominance, or a return to anarchy, barbarism, colonialism, and tyranny.
We are in deed in a period where courage and integrity among the political leadership in Asia is more urgently needed than ever before. The challenges can seem overwhelming. The alternatives to much needed change, however, are potentially catastrophic.

Press TV – Syria deputy health minister assassinated in Dara’a

Press TV – Turkish Army stages war games near Syria border

Press TV has conducted an interview with Edward Spannaus, legal affairs editor, Executive Intelligence Review

Insurgents not to last in Syria without West support, Human rights and international lawyer, Edward Corrigan

“There is a lot of support for the Bashar regime. I think most of the Syrian population is opposed to the foreign-backed parties that are trying to destroy Syria by provoking a civil war,” he stressed.
He reiterated that the West is not concerned about the human costs of the ongoing violence in the country, adding that it rather favors that the “Arab or Muslim states” get ”weakened” or even “destroyed.”
. . .
“This is to cripple Syria and to fragment it, and to prevent it from being part of a region with an element of stability,” he concluded.

Occupy Syria interviewed the German Journalist: Manuel Ochsenreiter

The conversations I had with the Syrian soldiers were important for me. Why? Because in western media we get an endless row of portraits and interviews with the so called rebels, the Istanbul based rebel-“government”.

I met heavily injured young Soldiers in the military hospital, who told me: “Right now, we fight against the whole world!” They spoke about the so called rebels, who come from foreign countries to fight their well-paid “djihad” against Syria.
When I was in al-Midan neighbourhood in Damascus, some gunfights still went on between the rebels and the army. I spoke with an officer about the civilians. He told me that the army tries hard to keep civilians out of the battle zone. This is a hard job especially in urban areas. And during the time of the rebel offensive against Damascus, I witnessed that the so-called FSA tries to push the war inside the city and that the Syrian army was trying to push them outside. This might sound “one-sided”, but this is my impression: The battle zones were concentrated on a small number of districts.

Saeed Shabazz – Partition and Destabilization: Covert Plan to ”Break Syria into Pieces”

John Cherian – Syria: Terrorism As A Weapon

Deepak Tripathi – CIA Provides Stinger Missiles to Syrian ”Freedom Fighters”

US War Crimes: Syrian Opposition Target NON-POLITICAL Journalists, Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, Pilots, and Civil Servants

Russia: protect journalists in Syria

Russia is increasingly concerned about information it is receiving from Syria on the growing number of attacks on local and international media by militant opposition groups, the statement said.
Zakharova cited the August 10 kidnapping of a group of television journalists, as well as the August 11 killing of a departmental head of the Syrian information agency SANA in Damascus. Three journalists and their driver were abducted on August 10 while covering reporting from a Damascus suburb, and have not been heard from since.

voltairenet.org – Yara Saleh’s kidnappers deny having ties with Paris

An Al-EkhbariyaTV crew was kidnapped by the Free Syrian Army when filming the clashes taking place in Al-Tal.

Press TV – United States violates domestic and international laws over Syria: Analyst, An interview with Abayomi Azikiwe, director of Pan-African News Wire, from Detroit

[US support of Syrian insurgents] is clearly a violation of international law. It’s a violation of domestic law even within the framework of the United States government itself. There’s not supposed to be aggressive military activity carried out by the United States government without a debate and without an action of Congress.

Press TV – Western powers not after democracy in Syria: Analyst, Interview with William Jones with the Executive Intelligence Review

obviously they have more or less declared war against Syria some time ago. This is now being beefed up with the recent visit of Secretary Clinton to Turkey. Things have not gone so well for them. There have been some problems now with the so-called Syrian liberation front. They are not doing so well in Damascus and I do not think they are doing very well in Aleppo. So Secretary Clinton is going now there to work out plan B, I assume, …

This has nothing to do with democracy. This is geopolitics. The Assad regime was targeted not for anything it did but simply because of the alliances they have. They wanted a change there.
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