11 aug

Press TV – UK bent on toppling Syrian government

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said that he wants to make sure Syrian President Bashar al-Assad goes after Britain announced it would step up support for Syrian insurgents.
In an interview with Channel 5, Cameron said “we need to make sure Assad goes” as he admitted that British officials “are working very closely” with armed insurgents in Syria as they are “getting to know them better”.

Ny videorapport av Thierry Meyssan från Syrien – The FSA war against freedom of worship (video)

Alex Lantier – US, European powers press for intervention as Syrian army retakes Aleppo

Politicians and the media in the United States and Europe stepped up demands for direct military intervention in Syria yesterday, as the Syrian army fought to expel US-backed forces from the city of Aleppo.
Syrian army forces reportedly captured much of the Salahuddin neighborhood in southwestern Aleppo, a Sunni-majority neighborhood that was a central base for the groups fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Some anti-Assad forces retired north towards the Sakkour district, though some reports stated that they continued to hold parts of Salahuddin.

‘Washington’s anti-Syria policies, cynical, naive’, James Jatras, in a Press TV interview on Thursday

US seeks an excuse to step up military campaign against Syria: Analyst, Press TV has conducted an interview with editor of Executive Intelligence Review Lawrence Freeman

There are discussions that the United States will step up a military campaign in Syria before September. So you look at these two together and the game that’s being played is to threaten the world and to threaten Russia and China that these super powers who are moving in a different direction in the West, which is financially collapsing now, they are being threatened to submit to the hegemony of the NATO powers. And right now the Russians have not gone along with that and that has stalled their operation. They would like to see an overthrown government in Syria and Iran.

Tony Cartalucci – UK Sends £5 Million to Listed Terrorists in Syria, US-UK listed terror organization Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) fighters and commanders are clearly amongst militants underwritten by latest UK funding

In direct violation of both American and British anti-terrorism legislation, particularly provisions regarding providing material support for listed or proscribed terrorist organizations, the United Kingdom has just announced that it will provide armed militants that include listed terror organizations with a £5 million tranche of what it calls ”non-lethal practical assistance.”

It is unclear whether Hague means – violating the laws of his own nation to provide material support for known, proscribed terrorists is ”the right thing to do” – or if he means it is ”right” to perpetuate the bloodbath in Syria as prescribed by the US Fortune 500-funded think-tank, Brookings Institution in their ”Middle East Memo #21,” which suggested the West ”pin down the Asad regime and bleed it, keeping a regional adversary weak, while avoiding the costs of direct intervention.” Either way, the unhinged, morally bankrupted foreign policy of the Anglo-American establishment is on full display, undermining and irrevocably damaging the legitimacy of their collective institutions in the process.

Press TV – £5m more UK money for Syrian insurgents

British Foreign Secretary William Hague has said Britain would step up its support for Syria’s armed insurgents, providing them with an additional £5 million.

News Analysis från Press TV, med Lawrence Freeman och James Jatras som citeras ovan och Ken Stone.

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