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Press TV – Syrian Army kills leader of Aleppo insurgents

Abdul Jabbar al-Oqeidi, the leader of the Aleppo military council of the self-proclaimed Free Syrian Army, has been killed in an operation conducted by the Syrian Army, Press TV reports.
Al-Oqeidi was killed on Tuesday.
On the same day, the Syrian Army attacked insurgents in the al-Asileh neighborhood of Aleppo, killing and injuring 150 insurgents.
The Syrian Army has focused its operations on the city’s outskirts and has cut the insurgents’ supply lines. The rest of the city is under the control of Syrian government forces.

I inläggen 31 juli och 1 aug nedan beskrivs det plötsliga uppdykandet av inslag om Syrien i medierna som var av ett annat slag än det gamla vanliga, med inslag om grymt våld från de väpnade gruppernas sida och om att det finns ett stöd för president Al-Assad hos befolkningen. Och detta kom i flera olika tidningar och public service-radio och TV samtidigt! I en artikel av Shamus Cooke om ett inlägg i The New York Times från den 4 aug beskrivs samma fenomen. Det vore intressant att veta om det finns andra exempel från andra länder, som då än tydligare kunde visa hur totalt kontrollerade västmedierna är.
UPPDATERING – I kommentarerna finns ännu ett exempel på mer nyanserad rapportering, från en tysk TV-kanal, vet inte när det sändes men videon lades ut på youtube 5 aug.
Syria’s ”Liberated” Future: Ethnic-Religious Cleansing and Genocide

A fascinating shift has happened in the U.S. mainstream media: After a year of anti-Syria war propaganda and lies, glimmers of truth are making their way into the public’s view. This may be too little too late: the country is being torn at the seams into the nightmare of ethnic-religious cleansing and massacres.
After non-stop war mongering, The New York Times took a second to wipe the blood off its hands to report the true state of things in Syria. Apparently, the previous, ongoing reports about the Syrian army indiscriminately massacring citizens in the city of Homs was simply a lie, repeated over and over.

Convoy of Turkish military forces enters Syrian town of Jarablos

A convoy of Turkish forces backed by several helicopters has entered the Syrian town of Jarablos in a Kurdish area.
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had warned in late July that Ankara could strike the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) armed group inside Syria

Michael Chossudovsky på Press TV – West attempts to destabilize the Syrian government

I am not able to comment on what is going on, on the ground in Aleppo. It would appear that the government forces have the upper hand and what the western military alliance is now contemplating is outright military intervention with the possibility of using both naval as well as air force against Syria or at least deploying and threatening Syria. This is confirmed by the planned deployment of naval forces which would include both British as well as French warships. Now this situation is particularly disturbing because the Russians have also dispatched warships to the Syrian coastline.

Ganska otrolig artikel – Al-Qaeda’s Specter in Syria – som Paul Joseph Watson kommenterar i – CFR Strategist Praises Al-Qaeda Bombings In Syria

”Senior Council on Foreign Relations fellow Ed Husain has hailed the presence of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, praising their fighting prowess in aid of FSA rebels while also lauding the increasing number of successful bombings carried out by Al-Qaeda fighters.”

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Counter PsyOps 7 August 07:15
Syrian State Minister for National Reconciliation affairs Dr. Ali Haidar on Syrian television tonight: ”It’s known now. If you defect, you get $1 million dollars and a monthly salary of $25,000”
now this is corruption…so the west is endorsing corrupt politicians….for a ,million $ even id do a double back flip!

nyhetsbanken.se – Terror mot syriska journalister

Den islamistiska terrorgruppen Al-Nusra-Front har tydligen i Damaskus mördat den prominente TV-moderatorn Al-Saeed. Det framgår av en förklaring som gruppen, vars sammansättning och härkomst är obekant, har offentliggjort på en islamistisk websida.

Targeting the Innocent: Govt links a death sentence in Syria

Saudi Arabia, Qatar arming insurgents in Syria: SNC

SNC spokeswoman Bassma Kodmani told France’s Europe 1 radio on Monday that there are certain countries that are providing “light and conventional weapons.”
“It is Qatar, Saudi Arabia, it is maybe a little bit Libya with what it has left over from its own battle,” she said.
The spokeswoman said the insurgents are desperately looking for arms, adding that some states were also providing them with money to buy weapons on the black market.
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