2 aug

Kofi Annan slutar sitt Syrien-uppdrag efter 31 augusti, och fler inslag med en förändrad och mindre ensidig rapportering. Vad kan ligga bakom detta? Frågan är hur det går i Aleppo, om regeringstrupperna kommer tillrätta med offensiven från de väpnade grupperna.
Christof Lehmann spekulerar – Breaking: Annan Quits: Kofi to Bibi: “Stop Bombing Gaza or Face Serious Consequences”. Bibi to Kofi: “That was a good one, I haven´t been laughing like this since Sabra and Shatila”

Step three – a military intervention against Syria that will be justified with the fact that a majority of nations at the General Assembly have voted in favor of it – it will be called a truly democratic resolution and it will be representative of what brand of democracy the NATO UN-PIRE represents.
The question begs to be answered, whether Vladimir Putin and Russia will continue to use Judo-Strategies in the Syria situation, or if it was time to kick balls so it hurts. It will also be interesting to observe how China´s policy towards the Dollar and Euro will develop. It may actually be that a direct confrontation between the two geopolitical blocks can be prevented if Russia and China begin to play hardball and assert their power. It would be naive to expect that China becomes more willing to let US Hegemony cast anchor in the South China Sea while an undeclared war is being waged against it´s interests.

Brian Becker, director of the ANSWER anti-war coalition. Från Russia Today – Obama authorizes covert US support for Syrian rebels – reports

Syrian army destroys telecom system of foreign-sponsored insurgents

The Syrian army has destroyed the Turkey-provided telecommunication system of foreign-sponsored insurgents, amid ongoing clashes between the government troops and armed gangs in the northwestern city of Aleppo, Press TV reports.

Chavez condemns West for supporting ‘terrorists’ in Syria

”We recognize the Syrian government. Who do they want us to recognize: those terrorists who are killing people, destroying cities, bombing? It is sad to know and to have evidence that European governments recognize the terrorists and meet with terrorists and fund them and give them money and weapons,” he said.
The Venezuelan leader’s remarks come as US President Barack Obama has reportedly signed a secret order, authorizing more support for insurgents fighting against Bashar al-Assad’s government.
The decree broadly permits the CIA and other US agencies to aid insurgents in Syria.

Carla Stea – Third Russian-Chinese Veto Blocks the Road to World War III

“They have shown only arrogance, not sincerity.” Chinese Ambassador Li Baodong, July 19, 2012, United Nations Security Council

Finian Cunningham – Cold-Blood Mass Murder in Syria by the West’s ”Pro-Democracy Opposition”

Christoph Dreier – Germany participates in war preparations against Syria

Analysis: Syria Situation

Lebanonize & Conquer: ‘CIA, Mossad on Syria front line’

  1. #1 av Monasara på 3 augusti, 2012 - 00:33

    Stödja syrier, kom till demostrationen.
    Söndagen den 5/8 kl 16:00 kommer det att blixtra och dundra ute i Arlanda, marken och golvet ska vibrerar då vi Stolta Starka Syriska Folket ska Marschera in. Vi ska ta över Arland och visa våra åsikter om EU och UD’s beslut gällande flyg förbudet för Syrisk flyg i Sverige.

    Sverige som strider för mänskliga rättigheter och människors rätt att leva i frihet och yttrandefrihet är samma land som kränker Syrier deras rättigheter, vare sig vi lever i Sverige eller i Syrien


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