29 jul

Christoph R. Hörstel – US foreign policy adventurism approaching an all-time high (Op-Ed)

Whenever the US warns there is an imminent danger of violence, even of a massacre or atrocities, it pays to take notice. Such predictions seem to have an almost uncanny knack of turning out to be accurate. So recent US “concerns” could mean bad news.

a retired senior officer of the Egyptian army residing in Tunisia appears to have been functional in completing training for US-guided mercenaries and “Al-Qaeda” personnel since 2009. In the same year, the first advance parties of US agents arrived in Turkey to get acquainted with the area and its people. This information was obtained by Syrian officers from the not-so-small number of captured foreign fighters. Their various ID cards from Turkey, Libya, Lebanon and Jordan, among others, have been presented in many TV reports.
About the hundreds of armed but non-uniformed personnel crossing freely, uncounted and unchecked, into Syria across all borders in March 2011 the defected correspondents of Al-Jazeera – among others – have amply spoken out.
Since an operation of this size does not appear to be set up on an ad-hoc basis – nor could it be – it is no wonder that those well-versed in the history of the thought and planning of US foreign policy know that Syria scenarios are more than 100 years old and include complete re-drawings of the regional political map.

Webster Tarpley förekommer i föregående inlägg men lyssna gärna på en längre utläggning om Syrien i hans veckorapport, 28 juli, som kan laddas ner som mp3 – HÄR

What is really happening in Damascus and Aleppo Syria, Thierry Meyssan speaks of the death toll amongst terrorists in Damascus and how gives us an insight on what is going on in Aleppo

Scott Creighton – Syrian Destabilization Campaign: Another Massacre While Olympics Distract?

Remember the Olympics in China back in 2008? Georgia’s President Saakashvili launched an attack on South Ossetia while the world was busy watching the opening ceremonies. In the process they killed hundreds of people and quite a few Russian peace-keepers. Our “news’ didn’t pay any attention to our puppet Saakashvili bombing Ossetian civilians and peace keepers, they just got focused on it after Russia and South Ossetia retaliated.

While the main stream corporatist media outlets are busy spinning up more ridiculous “activists say” journalism (see here and here for starters), thinking people are worried that the distraction caused by the Olympic games may just provide the imperialist NATO raiders just enough cover for them to try yet another massacre-marketing strategy move in Syria.

voltairenet.org – Syria reportedly eliminated Bandar bin Sultan in retaliation for Damascus bombing


cnn.com – Libya rebels move onto Syrian battlefield

Afshin Rattansi på Russia Today

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