28 jul

Webster Tarpley, US-backed gangs doomed to fail in Syria, från Press TV men jag har bara länk till facebook ännu

I think the big development of the last week or so is this landmark statement by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov that the United States policy is to justify terrorism. The US justifies terrorism and says Lavrov the US negotiating pasture from Susan Rice at the United Nations is essentially the United States will continue to support terrorism until the Security Council does what the US and NATO want and Lavrov deplored that position.
This is a very important moment I think in terms of clarifying what is going on. It seems to me now that it would be in order to follow up on that some kind of resolution in the Security Council or the General Assembly at the very least, condemning the United States for supporting terrorism in the person of al-Qaeda as you mentioned before.
This has now gone so far that a whole country is in crisis in Europe and it is Germany as your account mentioned the BND, the Bundesnachrichtendienst has pointed to the overwhelming presence of al-Qaeda and you have got the Frankfurter Allgemeine, Die Welt and Bild-Zeitung, one of the biggest tabloids in Europe, all of them are taking I think important steps to show that the massacres in Syria are actually the handiwork of the anti-Assad forces, that is not the army and Assad who are doing these killings but it is the opposition and they do it with the desire to provoke a foreign intervention

reuters.com – Exclusive: Secret Turkish nerve center leads aid to Syria rebels

Turkey has set up a secret base with allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar to direct vital military and communications aid to Syria’s rebels from a city near the border, Gulf sources have told Reuters.
News of the clandestine Middle East-run ”nerve centre” working to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad underlines the extent to which Western powers – who played a key role in unseating Muammar Gaddafi in Libya – have avoided military involvement so far in Syria.
”It’s the Turks who are militarily controlling it. Turkey is the main co-ordinator/facilitator. Think of a triangle, with Turkey at the top and Saudi Arabia and Qatar at the bottom,” said a Doha-based source.
”The Americans are very hands-off on this. U.S. intel(ligence) are working through middlemen. Middlemen are controlling access to weapons and routes.”

Press TV – Damascus alleged use of WMDs against people, pretext to attack Syria: Lawmaker

“The West seeks to provide the pretext for a military attack on Syria by propagating that the [Arab] country intends to use weapons of mass destruction,”

Christof Lehmann – Syrian Government and Military reclaim Sovereignty and liberate civilians throughout the Country

After months of Syrian, Russian and Chinese diplomatic initiatives have failed to stop the anti Syrian coalitions massive financial, and military support of a wide variety of state sponsored terrorist organizations which are either branded euphemistically as “Free Syrian Army” or as “Al Qaeda Terrorists” when their utility is to argue for the protection of civilians, the Syrian government and military have taken up the responsibility to reestablish national sovereignty, security for civilians and the rule of law in areas that were held by the Western-Backed Terror Consortium. Western Media cry wolf, reporting about a massive military operation. In fact, the Syrian counter insurgency strategy is as effective as it is a de-escalation strategy, more humane than any international body of law would recommend.

proletaren.se, 26 juli – Syrierna om striderna i Damaskus

– Jag betvivlar att den så kallade Fria syriska armén skulle kunna utföra en sådan attack själv. Allt pekar på israeliska Mossad och CIA.
Det säger Jacob Chabo, universitetslärare från kuststaden Latakia, apropå förra veckans terrordåd i Damaskus då bland andra försvarsministern dödades.
Jacob Chabo menar att den väpnade oppositionen förlorat stöd.
– Det gäller även bland de som varit tveksamma till att stödja president Assad. För folket står det nu klart att den så kallade Fria syriska armén består av legosoldater, arabiska islamister och al-Qaidaanhängare.

proletaren.se, 25 juli – Syrien och krigspropagandan

Syria: A Small-Scale World War – Se och hörvärd! Befriande klarspråk.

Syrian crisis: Impact on neighboring states

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