25 jul

Hype over Syria chemicals ‘deja-vu & old Pentagon scenario to oust regime’ – F William Engdahl

US justifies terrorism against Syria: Russiavideo

Russia has censured the United States for backing armed groups in Syria, saying Washington’s failure to condemn the recent deadly bomb attack in Damascus signifies that the US ”justifies terrorism” against Syria.
”This is a quite awful position, I cannot even find the words to make clear how we feel,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters on Wednesday.

Tony Cartalucci – In Syria, Obama Fights Bush’s Wars, Syrian Opposition Signs Pro-War Neo-Con Letter to Obama

Neo-Conservatives have ”called on” US President Barack Obama to assist in the establishment of ”safe zones” inside of Syria in a recent letter published by the ”Foreign Policy Initiative” (FPI) and the ”Foundation for the Defense of Democracies” (FDD). Both faux-institutions are corporate, foundation, and government funded clearinghouses, extensions of larger think-tanks like the American Enterprise Institute, for corporate-financier driven agendas, more specifically, wars. They serve the sole purpose of manufacturing consensus behind an agenda that has little or no support within the general public.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – Syria: The cemetery of western credibility

The villain in the story is not President Assad or his Government, backed by the majority of the Syrian people – he and they are desperately trying to defend themselves from terrorists, armed by the FUKUS-GCC Axis (France, UK, US and the Gulf Cooperation Council, cowardly Arab traitor states insulting Islam with their murderous collaboration and treachery).
The villain is the FUKUS-GCC Axis, a temple of evil, cynicism and an insult to the international community, a cabal of murderers, terrorist-lovers and terrorists with zero respect for international law and zero credibility. Chapter one was Iraq, Chapter two was Libya, Chapter three is Syria.
However, the nearer to the main target (Iran) the FUKUS-GCC gets, the more obvious it becomes that their demonic plan is doomed to failure and the nearer their leaders are to a prison cell.

från 23 juli med engelsk text – Thierry Meyssan gives full account in great details about what has happened in Damascus in the past few days and how the rebels managed to enter Damascus in an effort to occupy it only to be swiftly defeated by the Syrian Army. Och missa inte Thierry Meyssans senaste artikel som det länkades till i föregående inlägg – Who is fighting in Syria?

Webster Tarpley och en gäst från Damaskus i News Analysis på Press TV

“Military tacticians know the tactic of swarming and swarming means that you can throw a lot of inferior forces at an enemy with the point being to create chaos and confusion in which more qualified forces can then go on and take certain key points,” Tarpley said.
“The reports that I have now are that NATO brought in thousands and thousands of fighters from Libya in particular but also from Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, a whole swat of countries and they’ve essentially gone to the bottom of the barrel of the al-Qaeda sort of patsy milieu in these countries and they’ve thrown them across the borders,” he added.

Video 18 min, intervju från 8 juli – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s exclusive interview with German TV

Press TV has conducted an interview with Ammar Waqqaf, with the Syrian Social Club in London, Hostile powers fight World War III in Syria: Analyst

Waqqaf: I think the ultimate goal, first of all, is to weaken the Syrian government. If it can fall for its own internal reasons which can be induced from the outside, then all the best; if not; then let’s change the game rules.
Now or a month ago, they started this WMD issue, the chemical weapons; they are saying that they are a bit concerned that it might fall in the wrong hands and what we are seeing basically is that there is some sort of a paradigm shift that is taking place.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, author and Islamic studies expert, Armed groups destruct Syria on behalf of Zionism: Analyst

Barrett: Well this is part of a destabilization campaign in the Middle East and I think there are two overall strategic reasons for this. One is that the US empire is trying to consolidate its position worldwide as it has been eclipsed by the fastest growing economies of the BRIC countries and secondly I think that the hard line like…Zionist in Israel are hoping to redraw the map of the Middle East in a way that is more favorable to them while they have the chance in their using American military power to do it.

Aleppo: a firsthand account, Aleppo resident Fatima Banauwi, an Aleppo University employee, has agreed to an interview with the Voice of Russia

Well, the prices have gone up. The rebels attack cars with food provisions and other products, but they don’t use them. They either throw everything out or burn it. Why do they do that? It makes no sense. Maybe to make the local population protest against the government, I don’t know.
Today in the morning they were threatening the owners of some bakeries. They put huge gas tanks in front of the shops and said “If you open the shop today, we’ll blow it up!” Then they blame the authorities for us sitting here without bread.
But all in all, we manage. It’s Ramadan right now, so we still go visit each other, celebrate together, try to support each other. We believe that everything will get settled and the army will take care of the bandits. They can’t frighten us!

video 10 min som enligt en facebooksida visar Aleppo idag

larouche.se – Utländska säkerhetstjänster bakom Damaskusbomben

Ismail Salami – What evil web Washington weaves in Syria

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