20 jul

RT exclusively talks to one of the men who raised his hand in that ‘NO’ vote – Moscow’s envoy to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin

8dagar.blogspot.se – Ryssland och Kina stod pall

På torsdagen lade Ryssland och Kina in sitt veto mot ett brittiskt förslag om sanktioner mot Syrien i FN:s säkerhetsråd. Det var tredje gången Nato-staterna återkom med förslaget att låta Syrien gå samma väg som Libyen – down the gutter.

Syriens FN-ambassadör påpekade det häpnadsväckandei att FN:s säkerhetsrådet inte kunde förmå sig till ett fördömande av terroristdåden i Damaskus som utplånat delar av statsledningen.
Han tackade samtidigt för att generalsekreteraren Ban Ki-moons och f d generalsekreteraren Kofi Annans klart fördömt dessa dåd.

8dagar.blogspot.se – Var bomben i Damaskus Clintons ”pris”?

Tony Cartalucci – (UPDATING): NATO Carrying out Vast Syria Disinformation Campaign

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Syrian Truth l Urgent ALERT
The Ministry of Information warns that there is a satellite channel, both on Nilesat and Arabsat currently using the Syrian TV logo, broadcasting national songs. This might be a coax, and this channel might be used to spread rumors and lies from Syria under the pretext of the Syrian official TV. Please be careful and don’t fall for their traps.


Syria’s situation is volatile and there are many alarming reports surfacing.
We have been warned that NATO has launched a massive psy-ops campaign to coerce and terrify the Syrian people.
I will only publish reports that have been verified.
I encourage readers to review the information at these links that disclose the imperialist’s plans for Syria and their methods of attaining their objectives.

Hur tänker Ryssland och Kina agera om USA/Nato/väst ger sig på Syrien utan FN-resolution, t.ex. efter en false flag-attack med kemiska vapen som skylls på ”regimen”? U.S. Plans To Act Against Syria Outside UN Troubling: Russian Diplomat

MOSCOW: Russia is concerned over plans announced by the United States to influence Damascus bypassing the UN Security Council.
“If such statements and such plans are elements of real politics, it sends quite a troubling signal to all of us, prompting us to think how the international community is going to respond to international conflicts,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said at a press briefing in Moscow on Friday.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin opposes any action related to Syria not authorized by the United Nations Security Council, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday.
“In the Russian president’s opinion, any attempt to act without the [UN] Security Council’s approval will be inefficient and will undermine the authority of this international organization,” the spokesman said.
After Russia and China vetoed the Western-backed UN Security Council resolution, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice said that the United States and its partners “have no choice but to look to partnerships and actions outside of this council to protect the Syrian people.”
Putin met with members of Russia’s Security Council on Friday to discuss the latest developments on Syria, including the veto.
“Members of Russia’s Security Council stressed that attempts to link the aggravating situation in Syria to Russia’s stance were inappropriate and inadmissible,” Peskov said.
RIA Novosti

Syria: the real situation, Letter from First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates in the Arab Republic of Syria, Walid Al Moallem, to Kofi Anan

Dear Sir,
I read your letter, dated 13/07/2012, addressed to the Secretary General of the United Nations, in which you refer to the tragic reports from the village of Al Tremseh, near Hama and the use of guns, tanks and helicopters by part of the Syrian Government. I regret that you should have based your position on a single source of information and one which is inaccurate.
I hoped you would verify reports from the Syrian Government before adopting them, so you could see the truth of the facts, noting that once we attended to the request of the observer mission to visit Al Tremseh the visit was, in fact, held on a date set by them, on 14/07/2012. What happened in the village of Al Tremseh near Hama, is that dozens of members of armed terrorist groups invaded the village and settled there, terrorizing the civilian residents and creating a command headquarters, weapons depots and places of torture of hostages, attacking more than one point of the security forces concentrated on the outskirts of the village, which required a response from the security forces at 5:00 in the morning of Thursday, 12/07/2012.

Syria: questions must be asked and answered

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