17 jul

Om händelserna idag i Damaskus enligt en facebooksida – de väststödda terrorgrupperna sprider död och skräck i utkanterna av Damaskus och gömmer sig i bostadsområden vilket gör det svårt för regeringstrupperna att nå dem. Men man ska ha oskadliggjort ett stort antal våldsverkare i alla fall.

Here is a short report about what happened today in Syria, especially near Damascus:
– The rebels announced ”The Battle of Damascus” and they used residential areas to start from.
– The clashes are mainly in Midan, Qaboon and Harasta.
– The Syrian national army killed and captured many of the terrorists some are Libyans and Somalis.
– A car with three armed men opened fire from their car in the downtown and security forces arrested them.
– Rebels are using heavy weapons and the army is defending the capital.
– An aggressive media campaign spreads fear, panic and a lot of rumors in the city
The situation is seriously difficult, the weapons used by rebels are really heavy and hiding in residential buildings makes the mission more difficult.. But we believe in our national army, and we ask you to share this to occupy the net by the truth and pray for God to save and bless our great soldiers..

Russia Today – Scattered gun fights sound ‘Battle For Damascus’

RT’s correspondent Maria Finoshina reports the intensity of fighting inside Damascus is nowhere near the level she experienced during last weeks assault on Douma, some 14 km from the capital, where she remembers her hotel windows shaking from the fierce exchanges.
Though occasional shooting in ?Damascus? continues and armed soldiers are patrolling the streets, “it doesn’t seem like final or decisive battle for capital, really,” Finoshina reports.
A deputy ?Damascus? police chief was also reportedly killed in the clashes.
Finoshina’s source in the Syrian army has revealed that the army’s tactic is to? surround rebel hotbeds while leaving them a ‘corridor’ to flee. The plan is to direct them into less populated areas where they can be dealt with without restraint.

Tony Cartalucci – Ending Syria’s Violence: Begins with Ending Arms, Cash, and Support for Terrorist Front

Since 2007, interests within the US, Saudi, and Israeli governments, along with other Gulf State despots and proxies in both Turkey and northern Lebanon, have been assembling from across the Arab World an army of sectarian extremists, with close ties – even direct affiliations with Al Qaeda. Exposing this was US journalist, Seymour Hersh, who published his findings in a 2007 New Yorker article titled, ”The Redirection.” Readers should note that Al Qaeda itself was an ”Arab foreign legion” of sorts, created in the 1980’s also by the US to fight its proxy wars.
These militants drawn from across Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Lebanon, Turkey, Libya, and Iraq, were armed, funded, and staged along Syria’s borders between 2007-2011. The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, who had fought a failed but brutally violent campaign to establish a faux-theocracy in the late 70’s and early 80’s was also contacted during this time by the West, receiving funding and directives to begin preparing for the violent overthrow of the Syrian government.
While this militant front was being assembled and prepared by US-Saudi-Israeli clandestine services, the US State Department was assembling a cover story with which to justify the planned bloodbath. That cover story would be later called the ”Arab Spring.” In 2008, the US State Department hosted activists from Egypt in New York City, who would be funded, equipped, and trained both there, and later in Serbia by US-funded CANVAS before returning to Egypt in 2010 to prepare the grounds there for the ”Arab Spring.”
Two years before the ”Arab Spring” would be ”sprung,” the US State Department began training and funding activist leaders from across the region, including Syria and Lebanon. They received up to $50 million, communication equipment, and were invited to training sessions organized by the US State Department itself. The goal was, admittedly, to send them back to their respective countries to train others, thus creating a ”ripple effect.” This was later revealed by Assistant US Secretary of State for Human Rights, Michael Posner in an April 2011 AFP report.
This indicates that both the ”peaceful” and militant components of the Syrian so-called ”uprising” were premeditated, organized, and manipulated geopolitical calculations for achieving Western foreign policy objectives, not to fulfill the ”democratic aspirations” of the Syrian people. In fact, the inclusion of violent ideological militants in the equation almost certainly ensures such ”aspirations” will never be achieved.

That the events playing out in Syria now were entirely premeditated from abroad by corporate-financier interests couching their aspirations for global hegemony within ”democracy promotion,” does not condemn all of Syria’s opposition as ”illegitimate.” However, those supporting both the violence created by foreign-funded death squads, and the unyielding interventionist agenda of the West’s so-called ”Syrian National Council,” are indeed both illegitimate and a threat to Syrian peace as well as world peace.

The violence could literally grind to a halt overnight, when foreign mercenaries and Syrian Muslim Brotherhood extremists realize the spigot of arms, cash, and impunity had been turned off and the restoration of order throughout Syria made inevitable. Instead, the US, feigning ignorance to the documented role they played in the malicious origin of this conflict, proposes to increase the violence by further arming and providing ”air support” for their front of militant extremists, just as they did in Libya to catastrophic effects.

Press TV – US again nixes Russia’s solution for Syria

Lavrov said the Western threats of discontinuing the UN unarmed observer mission to Syria if Russia does not agree to allow the West to use force in the Middle Eastern country amounts to blackmail.
“We will not be able to allow passage of a Security Council resolution that is not based on the Geneva agreements,” he said. The top Russian diplomat made the comments ahead of a meeting with UN-Arab League envoy for Syria Kofi Annan, scheduled for later in the day.

Strong explosion targets Syrian capital

A heavy explosion has rattled the Midan neighborhood in the Syrian capital, Damascus, with no immediate reports of casualties, according to Syrian media.

US-led hostile states target Assad for anti-Israel stance: Analyst, Press TV has conducted an interview with Omar Nashabi, an expert in judicial affairs and crime

Syria security chief denies false reports of defection from Army

‘US never allows Syria decide its fate’, Press TV has conducted an interview with Lawrence Davidson, professor at West Chester University

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