16 jul

Västmedierna försöker föra fram bilden att de väpnade grupperna gör framsteg, och överdriver säkert betydelsen av strider i utkanten av Damaskus. Samtidigt befinner sig Kofi Annan i Moskva för samtal om Syrien och Ban Ki-Moon ska besöka Kina i samma ärende.

Russia’s Foreign Minister says foreign partners have tried to blackmail Moscow to secure a UN resolution that would allow the use of force in Syria.

West is using ‘blackmail’ in new draft of UN resolution on Syria – Lavrov

Annan due in Moscow for talks with top Russian officials on Syria

UN-Arab League envoy to Syria Kofi Annan is due in Moscow for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the current situation in Syria.
Annan is due to arrive in the Russian capital on Monday.
Annan and the Russian officials will discuss ways to resolve the turmoil in Syria.
Meanwhile, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is also scheduled to visit China to hold talks on the same issue.

Stephen Lendman – Strategically Timed Syrian Massacre

Insurgents are enlisted, armed, funded, trained, and directed by Western and regional special forces.
They decide strategy, targets, and timing. Armies need leadership to operate effectively. So do killer gangs.Special forces have tactical expertise. They’re directing Washington’s war on Syria. They plan and lead attacks and bombings.
Treimseh’s massacre was strategically timed. Questions about it remained unanswered. More on that below..

Interview of Syrian National Reconciliation Minister Dr. Ali Haidar: “Both Sides Have Extremists”

Syria – Tremseh Massacre: Truth behind the Massacre 14-07-2012
(det som sägs finns utskrivet på youtube-sidan)

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