14 jul

Scott Creighton – Syrian False Flag on the Horizon? Probably

One has to understand that the forces behind the planned regime change in Syria (and Iraq and Libya and Iran and Sudan… ect. ect.) are extremely powerful and singularly committed to their end game which of course is complete world domination or “full spectrum dominance” as they like to call it.
These people will do anything to see to it that they stay on schedule, that their “7 countries in 5 years” plan finally gets fully implemented.
. . .
The article goes on to highlight how entrenched the so-called “opposition’ is within the established neoliberal wing of the Washington Consensus and all their intelligence operations and planning NGOs.
Are these people, these neoliberal zealots who permeate institutions like the CIA and Bilderberg and the Council on Foreign Relations capable of conducting a catastrophic false flag operation in order to put intense pressure on Russia and China to allow them to bomb Syria back into the stone ages like they did Libya? Absolutely they are. No question. No doubt.

Syria: Insurgents Claim Another UN Meeting ”Massacre”

‘US wages scorched-earth war in Syria’, Press TV has conducted an interview with Joseph Zrnchik, political commentator

Tony Cartalucci – Latest Syria ”Massacre” – Goebbelsesque Propaganda

Surely if nothing ”activists” have so far said about latest so-called ”massacre,” in Tremseh, Syria can be verified, it is impossible to ”blame” anyone for the alleged deaths that are said to have occurred. Nevertheless, the Associated Press, Reuters, AFP, and many other mainstays of the West’s corporate-run media machine ran with titles such as, ”UN blames regime forces for Syria massacre” (AP)

What the Western media is doing, and above all, what US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is promoting, is without a doubt criminal – with a historical precedent already set leveling serious charges and penalties against such intolerable activities. Just because a government with the perception of legitimacy claims something is true, that a war is necessary, that its intentions are good – doesn’t mean that it is so – for every brutal imperialist throughout history has in one way or another attempted to dress its naked military aggression, subjugation, and exploitation toward others with good intentions and just causes.

Press TV – Syrian Army killed armed terrorists not civilians: military

The Syrian Army has killed a large number of anti-government terrorists who were behind the killing and wounding of dozens of people in the west of the country, a military source says.
On Friday, an unnamed military source said that on Thursday, the army attacked the terrorists who had killed and wounded many civilians in the village of al-Turaymisah on the outskirts of the western city of Hama, Syria’s official news agency SANA reported
The source added that a large number of armed rebels were killed and scores more captured in an offensive that was concluded without any civilian casualties.
After conducting a massive search operation, security forces found the dead bodies of a number of citizens, who had been kidnapped and killed by the armed terrorists.
A large cache of weapons and explosive materials as well as documents, including foreign ID cards, were also seized.
Anti-government sources also confirmed that some of those killed by government forces in al-Turaymisah were members of armed gangs.

Anti-Assad parties seek humanitarian invasion of Syria: Analyst, Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr. Randy Short, member of Dignity, Human Rights and Peace organization from Washington

You have professionals from the West who know how to destroy and destabilize a country. So when I start looking at the personalities on the Western side of the ledger, I have to take a reserve judgment on the government of Syria. Why would they want to kill their own people?
When they are facing such an onslaught against the state, it would be unwise for the Assad government to do this. So who stands to gain and it seems as if to me that those people who do not like the existing government in Syria want to create the kind of chaos to get a “humanitarian invasion.”
They want another Libya; they want another Iraq; they want another Afghanistan; they want something where they can get their Western partners to help them turn over their state to be a colony.
. . .
So what needs to happen and what is happening is some people are beginning to see that this is the same old scam that you have seen in several countries and the world is sick of it.

Webster Tarpley – Syria unrest happening under the auspices of NATO

The eagerness of the Western media to portray massacres, I think, betrays who actually carries these things out. It is done under the auspices of NATO.

Jan Myrdal om Syrien

Det är alldeles klart att USA och Israel, med hjälp av sina allierade i Saudiarabien, försöker utnyttja sekterismen, det vill säga religiösa motsättningar, för att förstöra Syrien. Man har även dödspatruller på plats.
Britterna gjorde likadant i Indien. Man underblåste spänningarna mellan muslimer och hinduer. Britterna, numera amerikanerna, är mycket skickliga på detta. Hittills har man varit framgångsrik. Det kan gå illa i Syrien.
Medierapporteringen i Sverige är ensidig och förenklad. Den följer helt USA och Israels linje.
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