12 jul

Intervju med en syrisk-australisk kvinna som har tillbringat 7 månader i år i Syrien med sina 3 barn – Fear and Horror in Syria: one person’s account

Question: Are people united in Syria? Do they support the president?
Yes. I’m not saying 100%, but 90%. They love him, really love him. I never met someone who said, ”I don’t love him”. I’m being honest with you. Maybe if I go outside more and have contact with a lot more people, maybe I’d find someone who didn’t. But most people there love him.

Chossudovsky: US-Led Hostile States Already Engaged in War with Syria, Chossudovsky noted that the armed gangs are not representatives of the Syrian society.
”They are not opposition forces. They are trained militia and mercenaries. Many of them are not even citizens of Syria,” he said.

Viktig intervju med Thierry Meyssan från 6 juli – Thierry Meyssan on aggression against Syria and François Hollande’s diplomacy

VOR: In your opinion, is there even the slightest chance for the pacification of Syria?
TM: Yes! It is quite simple! If arms and money stopped arriving from abroad…If they stopped sending mercenaries…There are constantly mercenaries crossing the border from Turkey, as the Russian representative on the Security Council has pointed out. Combatants who were in Libya were transferred to Turkey using UN structures. They have set up a camp for supposed refugees, which is in fact a rear base for the so-called Free Syrian Army. And constantly these people cross the border to commit crimes on Syrian territory. So, if outside support for armed gangs were to stop, there would be nothing left! After that, we would have a normal situation with a government that has the support of the majority, an opposition that exists, that has the means to express itself, that does its opposition work, that proposes new things, etc. There would be a democratic debate as exists in many countries. Now, when the contact group initiated by Russia meets, the question is will the US, which is the power holder for the West and for the Gulf Cooperation Council, ask their allies to stop this under-handed play? Or will they on the contrary continue to encourage them to throw oil on the fire?

Sara Flounders på Russia Today – Arms & Cash Flow to Syria Rebels Must Stop to End Violence – Political writer and activist Sara Flounders says violence in Syria will only stop if foreign support to the rebels stops first

Syria reaffirms its commitment to Annan’s plan

The joint UN-Arab League envoy to Syria Kofi Annan continues searching for means to successfully implementing his six point plan on the Syrian unrest.
Following a UNSC session on the Syrian situation, the Syrian representative at the UN Bashar al-Ja’afari reiterated his country’s commitment to Anan plan.
According to al-Ja’afari, a number of mechanisms were agreed upon to reduce violence and restore security in Syria.

Armed gangs force Syrians to protest against government: Locals
Syria: Anonymous hactivists team up with Wikileaks
video – George Galloway on the Absurdity of the West’s Syria Narrative
guardian.co.uk – The Syrian opposition: who’s doing the talking?, The media have been too passive when it comes to Syrian opposition sources, without scrutinising their backgrounds and their political connections. Time for a closer look…

Propagandan i de regimtrogna (trogna de regimer som ligger bakom regeringsbyteskampanjen mot Syrien) medierna fortsätter – Syrien påstås använda klusterbomberSyriens Irakambassadör: Lämnar partiet

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