11 jul

Tony Cartalucci om att hitta roten till problemen, inte bara till våldet i Syrien – Solving Syria (and more) at the Root of the Problem, Solving problems means first understanding them

Syria’s problem is not the ”Free Syrian Army” nor the ”Syrian National Council,” nor the myriad of terrorist organizations operating under this umbrella – but rather the corporate-financier driven foreign interests that created them, fund them, arm them, and both tactically and politically perpetuate their activities. Syria’s problem is that it has attracted the attention of Wall Street and London and found itself in the middle of their geopolitical aspirations for global hegemony.

The West is intent on destroying not only Syria, but also Iran, and by doing so further encircling both Russia and China. The game is as old as human civilization itself – empire. The establishment of a global hegemonic power with uncontested institutions reaching across the entire surface of the planet, exploiting its people and resources, is in fact Syria’s problem. While Syria must address the proxies sent on behalf of this global hegemony, it and the rest of free humanity, must ultimately address the global hegemon itself.

Identifying and exposing the corporate-financier interests driving the governments of NATO and its proxies, its institutions and NGOs including the monolithic Western corporate-media, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the International Criminal Court, and even to a great extent the United Nations itself, as well as driving the covert network of militant terrorists playing the leading role in Syria’s violence is the first step in truly ”solving Syria.”

Creating a strategy for undermining and replacing Western institutions is a difficult but inevitably necessary step. The global elite have lulled humanity into a state of domestication through pervasive consumerism that has infected all aspects of modern life. Humanity has been told, and has begun to believe that life is a buffet of choices starting with lunch, extending to manufactured goods, education, health care, and up to and including self-determination. No longer do we roll up our sleeves to achieve our dreams and aspirations, we simply enter a voting booth and ”elect” others to achieve them for us.
The obvious flaw of this mentality is compounded when these candidates are then compromised on all sides by the very corporate-financier interests creating and perpetuating this consumerist paradigm. A megalomaniacal elite finds itself not with 7 billion people to placate, co-opt and control, but only their ”elected” leaders. With the creation of elitist-serving supranational blocs like the European Union, ASEAN, the African Union, and others, the number of significant ”leaders” required to co-opt is then further reduced.

German Journalist: I Met Terrorists from al-Qaeda in Syria

The German Journalist Jurgen Todenhofer said that there are armed terrorist groups affiliated to al-Qaeda organization in Syria.
Todenhofer, Ph.D in International Law and former member of the German Parliament, told German TV that he met several al-Qaeda-affiliated groups which are committing violence acts in Syria.
He underscored that the western media outlets are conveying distorted image of the events taking place in Syria.
”The U.S. administration should hold dialogue with the Syrian leadership with the aim of reaching a peaceful solution for the crisis in Syria,” Todenhofer said.

Washington’s double standard approach is evident in the Syrian crisis. It supports the armed opposition, which wants to turn the country into a dictatorship, claiming that their war against the Assad government has democracy as the goal, Aleksey Pushkov, the chair of the Russian parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, told RT

Syria ‘friends’ fuel murder with promises of weapons for rebels, från 9 juli

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