8 jul

US plays role in Syria conflict by backing gangs: Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says Washington plays a role in the turmoil in Syria by supporting the armed gangs to destabilize the country.
Assad told the German ARD television channel in an interview on July 5, which was aired on Sunday, that the United States is “part of the conflict,” and that “they offer the umbrella and political support to those gangs to… destabilize Syria.”

Tony Cartalucci – Kofi Annan: International Community Has Failed Syria, Globalization exposed as self-serving, driven by elitist special interests

Since it is these special interests that masquerade as the ”international community,” then indeed the ”international community” has failed Syria – since from the beginning it had every intention to mire Syria in sectarian violence, political destabilization, economic ruination, and eventual social and political collapse.

Globalization on all fronts has been exposed as a method for achieving the goals and aspirations not of humanity, but of a handful of elitist special interests at the expense of the vast majority. Identifying and exposing these interests is key, as is the establishment of genuine grassroots institutions and paradigms of and by the people to replace the faltering and self-serving institutions of globalization.

Syria: About 10,000 armed men on the way to Homs..?

The day before yesterday, Vesti.ru has aired a story by Anastasia Popova from the Syrian city of Homs. One thing in this report seems worth it to call again to mind:
At the end of this report, there is the talk that “some 10,000 armed men … have now crossed over the border from Lebanon and try to fight their way through on their way to Homs.”

Pepe Escobar – Why Turkey won’t go to war with Syria

The tension and likelihood of a world war because of the conflict in Syria is currently on the cards because certain countries are behaving like arsonists, especially Turkey, in continuing to offer a logistical base for mercenaries from ”liberated” Libya. Saudi Arabia’s ruling House of Saud will keep providing the money to buy them weapons. Washington, London and Paris will continue calibrating their tactics in the protracted anticipation of a NATO attack against Damascus.

Erdogan lost all legitimacy

Turkish prime minister Erdogan lost all legitimacy. The Turkish people is unwilling to go to war against Syria but Erdogan uses bloody provocations and bold lies to lead Turkey to war with Syria

So, Turkey committed an aggression against Syria, Turkey was stopped, Erdogan is lying to get Turkey on a war course against Syria and the world knows it – even US officials concede it.

Nya desperata hot från galna Hillary – Clinton: ”Katastrofal attack” hotar al-Assad

Syrian security forces arrest 11 foreign spies

Syrian security forces say they have arrested 11 foreign spies from different Arab countries in Damascus.
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