4 jul

Finian Cunningham – SYRIA: Imperial Arrogance Spells Fatal Over-reach for the US and Western Allies

The United States and its Western allies are behaving increasingly like the doomed emperors of the late Roman Empire: decadent, self-indulgent and supremely arrogant.
There seems to be a reckless presumption of boundless, unilateral power. While the US and its left lieutenants, Britain and France, can claim to command the world’s fiercest military machine in the form of NATO, there is nevertheless, paradoxically, a growing sense of fragile, impotence in the face of a fast-changing world.
This past week we have seen yet another manifestation of this Roman Empire syndrome with the astoundingly arrogant conduct of the US, Britain and France at the Geneva conference on Syria. Ostensibly, the summit was called to oversee a peaceful political transition in Syria, which has been ravaged by 16 months of violence.
But the absurdity and obscenity of the Geneva meeting is that the mayhem raging in Syria has largely been inflicted on that country by the same Western powers along with their Turk and Arab proxies. Yet, these Western powers pontificated as usual about international law and respect for human rights. (Of course, the dissembling Western media provide a crucial cloak for their masters to hide what is otherwise a sickening farce.)

All of these pernicious designs on Syria over the past 16 months and in the coming weeks are utterly criminal. The NATO interference in Syria is aimed at regime change and is an integral part of a wider military roadmap for Western hegemony in the oil-rich Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. To be sure, rhetorical pronouncements by Washington, London and Paris on democratic principles, human rights and respect for international law are displays of the most abject cynicism and duplicity. These powers are the diametric opposite to what they proclaim to represent: they are pariah terror states that are out of control.

Turkish jet asked for Syrian air defense’s fire: Russian source

A Russian source has said that a Turkish jet shot downed by the Syrian army on June 22 “asked for the Syrian air defense’s fire” in an act of provocation after it entered the Syrian airspace.
”The actions of the Turkish plane were no doubt a provocation. Otherwise how would you explain the fact that the fighter jet flew two, albeit short, sorties in the Syrian airspace?” Interfax quoted the unnamed source as saying on Tuesday.
”The crew had to have only one motive for such actions — to test the combat readiness of the Syrian air defense systems and it indeed tested them. And also to conduct a reconnaissance of the strength and capabilities of the Syrian air defense systems in the coastal direction,” the source also said.
”In any case, the crew of the Turkish Phantom have tried hard to literally ask for the Syrian air defenses’ fire,” the source added.

Turkish plane shot down in Syrian airspace, Pentagon confirmed

Turkey supports terrorists killing Syrians: President Assad

“Turkey has supplied all logistic support to the terrorists who have killed our people,” Assad said in an interview with the Turkish Cumhuriyet daily published on Wednesday.

‘Saudi Arabia invested in Syria’s crisis’, Press TV has conducted an interview with Hisham Jaber, director, Middle East Studies Center

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    Instämmer helt. Väst är i dåligt skick. Väst är som en koloss som kommer att rämna när som helst. Det är det bästa som kan och kommer att ske för världsfreden. Plus att sionismens maktcentra kommer att blåsas bort i o m det! Tacka vet jag bankiren som frätte upp Väst infrån.

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