2 jul

nyhetsbanken.se – Genèveplan respekterar Syrien

Såväl USA:s utrikesminister som Frankrikes har gått ut med uttalanden om att den överenskomna planen för Syrien som antogs i Genève på lördagen skulle innebära att president Assad skiljs från makten.
Som var och en kan försäkra sig om finns inget sådant i texten. Hindret för en samlingsregering kommer inte att vara Assad utan de västbeväpnade terroristerna som redan på lördag avvisade planen….

nyhetsbanken.se – Blandade reaktioner på avtalet

Webster Tarpley på Press TV – US has sinister plan for world: Analyst

Tarpley: The current US policy under the Obama administration with Hillary Clinton in the State Department aims at the destruction of all sovereign states on this planet. It’s really rolling the world situation back to the time before the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 which established the regime of modern independent sovereign states.
The desperation of the US and the British comes from their financial bankruptcy, and what they’ve got to do is increase the rate of exploitation and looting and sacking of the entire world economy. In the course of this, they find that any national government is an intolerable obstacle. It gets in their way.

This is the goal, to have a situation where the International Monetary Fund and NATO rule the world from above but then on the ground you’ve got a kind of crazy court of petty, squabbling, impotent little entities that could never resist Exxon Mobile or JP Morgan Chase or Halliburton or anything of the kind, something, again, like Libya today.
That’s where they’re headed to this. It would be for them to break up Syria, to detach the Kurdish part, to detach parts that would be claimed by Turkey, to perhaps start the Lebanese civil war again, perhaps there would be a continuous civil war in Syria, perhaps Israel will start helping itself to various tracts of territory, and so on down the line. So that’s where this is going. It’s very sinister.

Press TV: Taking a look at the situation on the ground, for how long do you think Assad and the Assad administration in general will be able to absorb such huge pressure and stay in power?
Tarpley: I think indefinitely. I think for a very long time. Assad’s holding power may turn out to be greater than the holding power of the coalition that is against them. This of course depends on Russia and China maintaining their current blocking position in the Security Council.

Thierry Meyssan på platsen i Syrien där en TV-kanals lokaler sprängdes i luften och 7 människor dödades förra veckan. från voltairenet.org

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