30 jun

Geneva talks a good chance of progress on Syria: Lavrov

Intervju med Michel Chossudovsky på Press TV – ‘Covert war waged against Syria’

Turkey has been supplying weapons to an entity involved in crimes against humanity and the killing of civilians, which is casually blamed on the government.
This has been documented in numerous reports that the killing of civilians is the work of the US/NATO sponsored death squads, which are set loose inside Syria.

Matt Carr – US and its allies are more interested in stoking the violence in Syria than preventing it, Western governments are continuing to pour petrol onto the Syrian conflict while talking the language of peace and democracy and their desire to ‘stop the bloodshed’.

Tony Cartalucci – Propagandists Sell ”Vigilante” Solution for Syria

Ned Dobos of Australia’s University of New South Wales, Canberra has given a presentation, served up in the form of an op-ed in the Sydney Morning Herald titled, ”Syria needs a vigilante to save its people,” that can only be described as a new benchmark in Western duplicity. Cued up by the forces of Western imperialism, Dobos plugs in every keyword and talking point flowing through the halls of the very corporate-funded think tanks that have engineered the blood-soaked destabilization in Syria in the first place.

Tony Cartalucci – NATO Member Turkey Harboring Terrorist Army

Russia Today video – Syrious Face-off: Annan’s hopes for peace rest on Russia-US policy clash talks

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