28 jun

Nu när Nato genom Turkiet ökat spänningen mot Syrien genom provokationen med flygplanet som sköts ner, vad händer nu? En ny incident som tänder gnistan på allvar? Problemet för Nato, som Lehmann säger, är att försöka att få det att inte se alltför uppenbart ut att det är en upptrappning man söker för att kunna nå det mål man haft hela tiden, att förstöra Syrien som självständigt och oberoende land.
Christof Lehmann – Terror Storm on Syria up to Geneva Meeting

With a terrorstom unleashed in Syria, NATO attempts to create a pretext for a war on Syria under Article Five of the Washington Treaty, with the threat of the breakout of a regional war with global consequences, the meeting in Geneva in three days seem like one of the last possible chances to prevent disaster.

Om inte Iran ska få vara med vid samtalen om Syrien i Geneve på lördag, därför att man ger de styrande i Syrien sitt stöd, så borde inte USA heller få vara med då man så ensidigt kräver presidentens avgång.

‘US should be excluded from talks over Syria just like Iran’, RT talks to Sara Marusek, researcher from Syracuse University in Beirut.

Syria in ‘state of war’ as Iran issue stalls calls for talks


Gunmen stormed a pro-government television station in Syria Wednesday, slaughtering seven employees, wounding others and taking several people hostage. The attack came a day after President Bashar al-Assad declared Syria to be in “a real state of war.”
Killed in the early morning attack on Ikhbariya TV, located in a southern suburb of Damascus, were three journalists and four security guards. The attackers fired automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades at the security guards before ransacking the satellite station’s offices and studios and then setting powerful explosive devices that reduced the buildings to broken and burning rubble.
An outside wall of one of the buildings was splattered with blood, where the station’s employees had been bound, forced to their knees and then executed in cold blood.
The assault on Ikhbariya TV came just one day after the European Union issued new sanctions on sections of Syria’s state-run media, and followed the move earlier this month by the Arab League to force two Pan-Arab satellite companies to black out Syrian channels.

Ryskt uttalande (från Aukens artikel) om en FN-rapport som säger att man inte kommit fram till vilka som låg bakom massakern i Houla i slutet av maj:

The report “does not reflect the scope of violence committed by militants,” said Vassily Nebenzya, the director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s department for humanitarian cooperation and human rights. These forces, he said, “kill or take hostage civilians, renowned Syrian political, state, municipal, public and religious activists, pilgrims”.
He added: “State institutions and infrastructure facilities are attacked practically on a daily basis. A mine war is in full swing. Militants commit bloody terrorist acts in Syrian cities.” This violence, Nebenzya said, “is fed with money and weapons from abroad.”


What NATO wants is an “act of war” that it can pin on Syria, thus giving the NATO war machine the pseudo legal right to launch an overt military campaign on that country – as opposed to the 15-month covert campaign of aggression that has so far proved ineffective in dislodging the popularly supported Assad government.
The hypocritical, histrionic reaction of Turkey and its NATO allies over the latest downing of a Turkish warplane off the Syrian coast is more reflective of their criminal war agenda across the Middle East than the actual circumstances of the incident.

Leif Karbelius – Massakern i Houla – ett journalistiskt haveri?

De vidriga morden i syriska Houla resulterade i 108 döda, bland annat 49 barn och 34 kvinnor. Regimen beskylldes för dådet men färska rapporter antyder en ”false flag”-operation av sunnitiska rebeller.

Viking Vikingsson – Vem håller i den blodiga slaktkniven i Syrien?

Det intressanta är att de regimer som får detta drev på sig alla har en sak gemensamt; de har politiska, ekonomiska eller militära intressen som går tvärtemot USA:s och Israels.
  1. #1 av nsnbc på 28 juni, 2012 - 13:51

    To Peace Movements, Organizations, Groups in Sweden.

    The situation in the Middle East is critical and can explode any moment. Either planned or by accident. The consequences of an open war between NATO and Syria are incomprehensible. The fall of Syria´s sovereignty will have long lasting geo-political consequences, and it would not stop there. Lebanon, Iran, Russia. Besides that, after a fall of Syria the international community can forget about the chances for establishing a viable Palestine.

    If Peace Movements, Initiatives, Groups, Parties, Committies, etc.. in Sweden arrange public events, need in depth briefings, or other relevant events like protests, demonstrations, information campaigns and the like, I would be willing to come to Sweden. I speak English or Danish, that would probably work in Sweden ? You can contact me by visiting the nsnbc contact page here: http://nsnbc.wordpress.com/contact-and-booking-christof-lehmann/

    You are very welcome to contact me.

  2. #2 av Kerstin på 29 juni, 2012 - 01:03

    Jo, det är klart att alla stater som inte vill underordna sig och lyda USA har per definiton motsatta intressen mot USA:s eftersom världsherravälde är USA:s stora och enda intresse.


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