26 jun

Frågan är hur mycket sanning som ligger i Nato-mediernas påståenden om att ”rebellerna” kontrollerar stora delar av landsbygden i Syrien. Enligt Christof Lehmann är ett problem för syriska militären att de väpnade grupperna genomför sina attacker från områden där civila bor, vilket gör det svårt att komma åt dom.

Christof Lehmann – NATO Secretary General Carefully Chosen Words of Disinformation as War Intensifies

it is important to reiterate some facts which, so to speak, shoot down NATO´s disinformation. Hopefully this will be as effective as the Syrian Air Defenses.
It has been well established since latest August 2011 that NATO had Special Forces on the ground in Syria, waging a covert, undeclared and illegal war on Syria. (1)
The War on Syria is waged by a coalition of NATO, Israel, GCC member states, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and indirectly Hamas. It has been actively prepared and implemented since at least 2010. (2) (3)
On Friday the NATO member Turkey committed a an additional blatant violation of international law when it violated Syrian Airspace and Syrian Territorial Waters.
The Turkish Phantom F4 was not shot down by a missile, but by a ground-based anti-aircraft machine gun with a maximum range of 2.5 kilometers.
Syrian authorities have delivered the wreckage to Turkish Authorities together with a report.
Bullet holes at the tail end of the airplanes show that the F4 was hit at the tail end and subsequently lost it´s ability to remain airborne. It also shows that Syria did not use a missile but ground based anti aircraft machine gun fire, after visual contact was established.
When fire was opened on the F4 it flew at an altitude of 100 meters and with a speed of 800km/h.
Syria has offered Turkey to form a joint military technical committee and visit the site of the event to help clarify eventual Turkish doubts. (4)
While the world media focus on the riveting question if NATO will invoke Article Five against Syria, a coordinated assault on key government buildings in Damascus was initiated by NATO led insurgents. (5)

Rick Rozoff – NATO War Council To Target Syria

The U.S. and NATO have been itching for a pretext to attack Syria, and Turkey, the only NATO member to border the country, has always been the pretext which would be employed to justify military action against the Arab nation.
Last Friday’s incident and the NATO meeting following it signal the fourth act in a tragedy that the world community has precious little time to stop.

Det verkar jobbas hårt för att få det att se ut som att militärer hoppar av syriska armén – från facebook

An armed group intercepted the car of pilot Lt. Gen. Faraj Shihadeh al-Maqt in al-Adawi area and abducted him. The authorities are working to locate and free him.

från facebook

Palestinian, Ahmad Omar Said, related how he was abducted by an armed terrorist group in Douma, Damascus countryside to be photographed as a defected colonel from the Syrian Arab army.
”I am Palestinian & I work in Douma… while arriving at al-Siyndiana mosque, two gunmen, on a motorcycle intercepted me, tied my hands and blindfolded me..later they took me to unknown farm.”
”The armed group contacted my family by phone, claiming that they are from the so-called free army, asking my family; [do you want to send him back in a box or torn apart in sacks]..” Said added.

‘Turkey threat, retaliation useless against Syria’, Press TV has conducted an interview with Tahsin al-Halabi, political analyst

Eventually I don’t expect that Turkey would make more escalations against Syria. It is enough that Turkey has given refuge for those military groups on its territory against Syria and other refugees in order to invest them against the Syrian people and the Syrian leadership.

Violence continues in Syria’s Homs, footage reveals rebels occupying homes

Exclusive footage by Press TV shows that Homs now resembles a ghost town with empty streets and deserted homes, while its Joret al-Shayyah neighborhood has witnessed the most violence with armed groups being involved in street fighting.
”The footage also shows how the armed groups fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad have taken over the houses of the civilians and turned them into the corridors for their street battles.”

Is This Erdogan’s Backdoor For Implementing Safe Zones?

Press TV has conducted an interview with Abayomi Azikiwe, director of the Pan-African News Wire, from Detroit

A report has quoted some US and Arab intelligence officials as saying ”CIA officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey,” helping anti-Syria opposition groups.
The New York Times report noted that CIA officers are helping to decide which gangs inside the Arab coiuntry will ”receive arms to fight the Syrian government.”
The report added that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have paid for the transport of weaponry into Syria.
Syria has recently said in a statement, ”The US administration is pushing forth with its flagrant interference in Syria’s internal affairs and its backing of armed terrorist groups.”
The statement also condemned Washington for ”distorting the truth and what is happening on the ground while encouraging armed terrorist groups to carry out more massacres… throughout the country.”

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