25 jun

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – Turkish Fighter Aircraft: Making some sense

Predictably, Turkey has reacted to the destruction of one of its aircraft with stupidity and cowardice and predictably, the western leaders have jumped at the chance to up the stakes in an internal conflict in Syria which they are aiding and abetting by providing terrorists with weaponry. Through Turkey.

Are the Turkish President and Foreign Minister stupid, or what? What do they expect? You allow your territory to be used to arm terrorists to destabilise a sovereign nation, send a Phantom F-4 military assault aircraft flying fast and low into that country’s territorial waters (not to test Turkish radar but yes, to test the Syrian anti-aircraft system) and then when it is shot down, run crying to NATO because you got your nose smacked in?

Syria: National Reconciliation and Forgiveness Forum Kicks Off in Tartous

With the participation of delegation from several Syrian provinces and Lebanese and Iraqi figures, the National Reconciliation and Forgiveness Forum kicked off on Saturday in al-Yazdiye village in Tartous.

UN Human Rights Council – Universal Periodic Review for the Syrian Arab Republic 2011

Opposition figures join new Syrian Cabinet

Armed gangs blow up oil pipeline in eastern Syria

Armed groups in Syria have blown up a section of an oil pipeline in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour, Press TV reports.

Bill Van Auken – Washington’s Hypocrisy over Russian Arms in Syria

Press conference of Dr.Jihad Makdisi, Turkish military jet clearly violated Syria’s sovereignty

Interview with the president of the Syrian UN Association, George Jabour, från Press TV – Large number of foreign mercenaries active in Syria: Analyst

John Robles – Beating the Drums of War: A Precursor to War: Syria

Despite all of the efforts of the UN and Russia and other countries that have influence in the region, the West continues to do anything and everything that it can to facilitate and provoke an invasion of Syria, and it is clear that those beating the drums of war have no interest in the untold number of lives that will be snuffed out by the hell they are preparing to unleash on the people of Syria, who are already suffering, nor on the very distinct possibility that it will ignite a larger violent conflict in the region.

We must not sit idly by while they invade yet another sovereign nation on false evidence..

The mythic Shabiha as useful tool for BBC

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