24 jun

Om det farligaste vapnet som väst använder i kampanjen för regeringsbyte i Syrien, medierna. Artikeln som handlar om det som Thierry Meyssan pratar om på videon – NATO preparing vast disinformation campaign

Scott Creighton – Israel, NATO’s Little Helper: The Overlooked Player in the Syrian Destabilization Campaign

All too often we find ourselves talking about the United States and Britain’s destabilization campaign in Syria and we forget to mention the other partner in crime working to break the country up into little pieces: NATO’s Little Helper, Israel.
Israel’s involvement in the terrorist centered destabilization campaign is extensive to say the least and their motives to assist in the NATO efforts are just as obvious.
Israel has more than a few prime motivations to see that the current regime in Syria is overthrown and replaced by a puppet regime friendly to the west and Israel in particular. The first and foremost, is the survival of Israel itself and this has nothing to do with some existential threat posed by Syria.

video 4,5 min – Ron Paul, presidentkandidat i USA – Syria is none of our business!

We’re in 130 countries, 900 bases. Iran is surrounded by 45 of our bases. They’re no threat to anybody. That’s all a concocted scheme to take over their oil. And they have to get you know, they have to take over Syria in order to go on to Iran. So this is just the plan of those who love intervention and love our empire. And the American people have fallen for this before. And I’m just trying to wake up the American people and say don’t fall for these lies again. Iraq, it’s a big shambles right now. ~ Dr. Ron Paul

Press TV – US coup in Syria ended in failure: Iran Cmdr

A senior Iranian commander says Syria’s present situation indicates the defeat imposed on America and its allies by Damascus and the resistance movement.
“Today, it can be said with certainty that the dossier of the US coup in Syria has been closed with the defeat of the global arrogance,” said Deputy Head of the Iranian Armed Forces’ Joint Chiefs of Staff Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri on Sunday.

The Iranian commander went on to say that the enemies of Syria seek to achieve their objectives through military means and terrorist activities, noting that such measures have merely led to the massacre of innocent people in the country.
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