23 jun

Christof Lehmann – Turkey’s Provocations bring Middle East to Brink of long planned, long expected Open War

Yesterday Breaking News hit the Headlines of Media World Wide. On Friday Syrian Air Defense Forces had shot down one of two Turkish F4 military planes – that had violated Syrian airspace. The response from Turkey was as expected. A threatening posture by promising “decisive action”. What Western Main Stream Media fail to report is that Turkey has backed an illegal war on Syria since 2010, implemented military operations against Syria since 2011, and that the two Turkish F4 jets flew at high speed, low altitude, and violating Syrian Air Space and International Law. Rather than that, Western Media continue constructing narratives that are meant to justify a long-planned, ruthlessly implemented war on Syria, Lebanon and Turkey.(1) The Turkish provocation of a legitimate Syrian response may be part of a plan to justify the invocation of NATO´s Article Five and all-out war.

Jet Escalation: ‘Turkey probing Syrian anti-air defense’

Syria Scenario-News Analysis-06-21-2012

A recent report from the mainstream daily newspaper New York Times has gone into detail as to how the CIA is facilitating arms and other assistance to armed groups in Syria, and it’s doing it on Turkish soil, near the borders with Syria. Damascus has always been very vocal that Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia were assisting, funding and arming armed groups operating on the Syrian soil.

Webster Tarpley på Press TV – NATO arming, financing al-Qaeda death squads in Syria: Author

Tarpley: The group that we’re given to understand in this Associated Press report is about 1000 fighters. Now, 1000 fighters is about the number of killers that went into Houla and carried out the Houla massacre, burning out the hospital and massacring everybody as they came out of the hospital.
That was a false-flag event. That was a massacre that was portrayed by the corrupt media as being a war crime of the Assad regime. In fact it was not. It was primarily, 90 percent of it, the activity of these death squads. They tried to false-flag and they couldn’t get anything out of that.
What they added today was the attempt at a Gulf of Tonkin incident, that is to say the story of the Turkish-NATO fighter jet supposedly shot down, brought down or coming down either in the Mediterranean or on Syrian territory, two people on board, their status uncertain; Erdogan of Turkey saying he’s looking into it.
That could easily flip into an incident like the famous, fake, Gulf of Tonkin incident of 1964 that started the Vietnam War. The US government will tell you now in retrospect that the Gulf of Tonkin incident never occurred — too bad if you died in Vietnam.
This time, though, it would be Turkey turning to NATO and saying ‘invoke Article 5, help us, we’re under attack by Syria.’ It’s absurd. It looks like, if anything, the Turkish plane is violating Syrian airspace; but that is obviously the great danger of escalation.
At that point, the ball would go back in the Russian court. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to let your only ally in the area be the target of NATO aggression of will you retaliate in some way? This remains to be seen.

Journalisten Anhar Kotchneva presenterar bilder på vapen som beslagtagits från Free Syrian army efter en resa till Homs –Toys for the ”Peaceful” Syrian Opposition: Modern weapons confirm Western support for FSA Terrorists

USA vill få kontroll även över Syrien

Allt talar för att USA:s regering med allierade vill störta Assads regering. Man bygger upp en oriktig version, utan säkra belägg, som okritiska massmedia (t.ex. Dagens Nyheter) sprider. Sedan vantolkar man FN-stadgan och söker stöd för krigshandlingar för att största en självständig stats regering och etablera en lydregering. Bekämpa USA-imperialismen!
Vilket starkt stöd finns för annan tolkning?

Stephen Lendman – Pretext to Wage War on Syria. Turkey and the Gulf of Tonkin Redux?

In fact, Ankara acted provocatively. Perhaps it was at the behest of Washington. Turkey is a NATO member. A previous article explained it can invoke NATO Charter Articles 4 or 5.

A virtual state of war exists in Syria short of officially declaring it. These type incidents can easily be used as pretexts for full-blown conflict. It remains to be seen if Washington has that in mind.

Press TV – Saudi regime to pay salaries of armed rebels in Syria: Report

The Saudi regime will pay the salaries of members of the terrorist Free Syrian Army amid ongoing attacks carried out by armed groups inside Syria, a report says.
According to a June 22 report published by the UK newspaper Guardian, Saudi authorities will pay the armed rebels to encourage “mass defections from the military and… pressure” the Damascus government.
  1. #1 av Kerstin på 23 juni, 2012 - 18:11

    Man undrar ju om den där Washingtonkillen har betalt föra att ljuga eller om han bara ljuger så att han tror sig själv, och utan att förstå det.

  2. #2 av Äcklad på 24 juni, 2012 - 13:41

    Han är en sionist. Ljuger, ljuger och driver den sionistsika agendan.
    USA är lydstat av israel och har fått beställning om att störta Assad å israels vägnar.


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