21 jun

Nu är det svårt att förneka utländsk inblandning i våldet i Syrien!
nytimes.com – C.I.A. Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition

A small number of C.I.A. officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey, helping allies decide which Syrian opposition fighters across the border will receive arms to fight the Syrian government, according to American officials and Arab intelligence officers.
The weapons, including automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition and some antitank weapons, are being funneled mostly across the Turkish border by way of a shadowy network of intermediaries including Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood and paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the officials said.

Russia Today – Revealed: CIA secretly operates on Syrian border, supplies arms to rebels

Press TV – Satanic alliance forms against Syria: Analyst

According to a New York Times report published on Thursday, some US and Arab intelligence officials say a group of “CIA officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey” and that the agents are helping the anti-Syria governments decide which gangs inside the Arab country will “receive arms to fight the Syrian government.”
Press TV has conducted an interview with Mohsen Saleh, a professor at the Lebanese University in Beirut, to further shed light on the issue.

Syria: The Assassination Campaign And Its Historic Example

The foreign supported rebels in Syria, armed by the CIA in consultation with the Muslim Brotherhood, do not only wage a war against the Syrian army and government.
They also wage a silent assassination campaign by death squadrons who, day by day, kill more or less prominent Syrian intellectuals and functionaries who support the Syrian government. That campaign has been going on for many months now without any western media reporting on it. A typical recent incident:
Brigadier Ghassan Abu al-Dahab, a doctor and the head of the Harasta clinic, was assassinated in front of his house in Damascus by the blast of an explosion device that was planted under his car, Syria’s Arab News Agency SANA said.
The assassination came as part of a series of attempts made recently against senior army officers.
Another Syrian, Abdul-Qoudous Jbarah, was killed in his house in the Damascus suburb of Sayeda Zainab, said SANA, adding that terrorists broke into his house Wednesday and shot him and wounded his brother.
The Syrian news agency SANA calls this a campaign against ”national and scientific expertise and intellectuals”:
In the framework of targeting the national and scientific expertise and intellectuals, an armed terrorist group on Monday assassinated Doctor Adnan Tawfik al-Samitt in Daraa.
SANA reporter quoted a source at Daraa Province as saying that the armed terrorist group shoot dead Dr. al-Samitt with their machineguns near his house at al-Qusour Neighborhood in Daraa city.
Another example:…

Rysslands utrikesminister intervjuas – Ship bound for Syria was carrying 3 old helicopters repaired in Russia – Lavrov

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has confirmed in an exclusive interview to RT that a Russian ship bound for Syria was carrying 3 Syrian helicopters that had been repaired in Russia.
RT: The Western media this week has been frenzied about Russia sending warships and helicopters to Syria. How do you react to that?
Sergey Lavrov: It was part of a campaign and not a very decent campaign, I would say.
We are sending no battleships to Syria. We have been saying publicly that we have been implementing contracts under which we have to supply arms to Syria. Those armaments are entirely defensive and they mostly consist of air defense systems, which cannot be used against the population and can only be used to respond to outside aggression.

Modern weapons confirm Western support for terrorists

Russia is planning the evacuation of Russians who are living in Syria. While the Western powers have prevented the confectionary redelivery of three (repaired) old Soviet helicopters to Syria, the country is now filled with modern NATO weapons.
After the grouchy joint press conference by Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama is the first serious information about the situation in Syria a message on vedomosti.ru.
This messages states that several Russian ministries – the Department of Defense, the Ministry of Disaster Management, as well as the Russian fleet – have confirmed to the newspaper now that there are actual commands available about the preparation of plans for an evacuation of Russian citizens from Syria.

8dagar.blogspot.com – Kodspråk

Vad betyder egentligen ”Assad måste gå”?
Grundat på erfarenheterna från Libyen, där ett Nato-lett krig utspelades under den snarlika parollen ”Gaddafi måste gå”, kan man dra följande slutsatser:
– Vem som ska styra Syrien från presidentposten i framtiden är inte uteslutande en fråga för Syriens folk. Territorialrätten upphävs därmed liksom FN-stadgan och det mesta av folkrätten tillbaka till westfaliska freden och längre.
– Bashar Assad ska inte ställas inför rätta, utan mördas i en kloak i Damskus utlkanter av Nato:s kommandosoldater.
– Landets riksbank ska utbjudas till högstbjudande.
– Landets energiresurser måste privatiseras och utbjudas till angloamerikanska jättar.
– Landets regering ska bildas av en hoprafsad samling ”muslimska” terrorister (i Libyen al Qaida bl.a, i Syrien salafiter/wahabbiter).
– Tusentals regeringstjänstemän ska torteras, lemlästas och arkebuseras godtyckligt. Det MI6-styrda Amnesty lovar att tiga.
Vi – arma mediakonsumenter – måste lära oss att dechiffrera språket.
När BBC i sin lunchsändning sa att FN:s observatörer ”had been stopped by Syrian government forces and shot at”, måste man kunna genomskåda den skickliga meningsbyggnaden.
Alltså, det var inte syriska regeringstrupper som besköt FN, utan icke-identifierade kombattanter.

från facebook

Alikhbaria correspondent in Homs : Competent authorities seize a refrigerator car with 900 kg of chicken in which a 12 RPG launchers with explosives are hidden on the arable land between Nakeer and Appel . The driver and the attendant were arrested.

US and France responsible for terrorism in Syria

”The U.S. and France, mainly responsible for the shedding of innocent blood in Syria”
Syrian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Faisal al-Meqdad, said Tuesday that the U.S. and French governments are responsible for the bloodshed of innocent people of Syria.
Al-Meqdad made these remarks in an interview Tuesday on ”Russia Today” television, referring to the support of these countries for armed terrorist groups.

Russia rejects schemes to push Assad into resignation, exile
Germany rules out military intervention in Syria

Väpnade grupper håller fortfarande civila som gisslan i Homs. Syrian armed groups threaten kill civilians to push out army

Syrian armed gangs operating in the flashpoint city of Homs have threatened to start killing civilians if the Army refuses to leave.
Officials say up to 5,000 civilians have been taken hostage by armed gangs in Homs, where the gunmen are attacking both private and public properties.

Wassim Raad – The lies of those unable to destroy the Syrian strength

Syria was never the center of the universe as much as it is today. All around the world, hundreds of pieces of information and thousands of reports, rumors, fabricated pictures and made up news are emerging via media networks that are shedding light on contradictory positions and statements of senior Western officials. At this level, the Russian government is finding itself forced to issue quasi daily statements to deny many rumors and clarify the falsification affecting the positions of its officials.
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