18 jun

Enligt Christoph Hörstel har en offensiv från den syriska militären de senaste 10 dagarna trängt tillbaka de väpnade grupperna på flera håll, och stängt av vägar för införsel av vapen och terrorister.
Syria: Setback for US interests, UN mission in muddy waters

Just in time for the G-20 Summit in Mexico, where the most critical topic will be Syria, clashes in Syria have calmed down after the last 10 days of heavy military campaign by the army against terrorist strongholds.
After successfully sealing Syria’s coastline against the usual influx of supplies for insurgents and terrorists, and also the closure of the Turkish-Syrian border, there has been substantial progress in recent days. Even Idlib, hitherto within easy reach from refugee camp bases inside Turkey, appears mostly cut off now – another major setback for the insurgency.

Shades of Blood: One-sided Syria war media biggest barrier to peace

Inga stora nyhetsrubriker idag heller om Syrien. Är det så att förhandlingar förs mellan USA/väst och Ryssland på G20-mötet som inleds idag? Och kan man hoppas att den libanesiska generalen som citerades i förra inlägget har rätt, att väst har insett att man inte kan nå sina mål?

G20 Summit – Obama meets Putin

Today begins the G20 summit in Mexico. Unofficially, this could be the platform, where Putin and the West will decide about the last deal on the topic Syria.

från facebook

Rumors about a massacre committed by terrorists killing a whole family in a village close to Haffah to accuse the government.

Saman Mohammadi – Syrians Prepare For A Long NATO Winter

The U.S. and Israel have tried to divide Syria and pit its people against their government so as to disguise their war of aggression against Syria as an internal populist uprising against Assad. They have instigated sectarian warfare in Syrian cities, broadcasted fake stories to the world, trained and deployed death squads, and assisted fanatical Islamist terrorists with financial, logistic, media, and military support.
Overthrowing Syria’s current government would be not a democratic or a humanitarian accomplishment. It would be another act of U.S./NATO aggression against a sovereign nation state in the Middle East. Prof. Michel Chossudovsky says, ”The objective of the US sponsored armed insurgency is –with the help of Israel– to ”Break Syria into Pieces.”

The NATO-Israeli-Islamist alliance in Syria is not a marriage of convenience with a short honeymoon, but a strategic and political partnership that has been long in the making. The U.S. has destroyed secular governments in the Middle East and replaced them with Islamic fundamentalist regimes to set the stage for a Clash of Civilizations between the West and Islam.
The goals for this secret and long-term policy are clear: 1) reduce the human population, 2) destroy sovereign and independent nation states, and 3) implement an authoritarian world government. Assad is a small victim of this grand vision. It’s a sacred mission that’s been planned to position America against Iran, and Israel against Islam, in a third world war – the last world war of the modern age.

Civilians trapped in Homs are likely to die of hunger

”Save us, we are hungry”: is the appeal launched by the families of Homs, seeking the intervention of humanitarian organizations. The situation for about 800 civilians (half Muslim Sunni, half Christians) trapped in the center of Homs is worsening dramatically: according to Fides sources in the Committee that is negotiating with the army and the rebels in order to ensure freedom and safety to civilians

Vem bär ansvaret för terrorn i Syrien?
Terrorn mot det syriska folket är en tragedi. I väst utpekas regimen som skyldig. Men tystnad råder om att USA och Saudiarabien i många år stött islamistiska extremistgrupper – mot Bashar al-Assad och andra ”fientliga” krafter i Syriens närområde. Proletären sätter in dagens syriska konflikt i ett större sammanhang.

”Rebeller bakom Hula-massaker”
Hulamassakren där 90 syrier dödades utfördes inte av regeringen utan av rebeller. Det skriver den stora tyska tidningen Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 7 juni.

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