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Syria crisis: scenario of a tragedy-News Analysis-06-09-2012

Vem eller vilka är det som ytterst ligger bakom och planerar och ger order om de massakrer som genomförts i Syrien? Hur mycket är den svenska regimen inblandad? Bildt har själv erkänt att man har kontakter med oppositionen.

Michel Chossudovsky – ”Humanitarian War Criminals” in High Office: Was the Houla Massacre Ordered by the Western Military Alliance?

It has been established that the Houla massacre, which has resulted in more than one hundred deaths of men, women and children, was not undertaken by the pro-government militia Shabbiha as claimed in chorus and without evidence by the Western media.
Several authoritative reports, including a recent report of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, confirm unequivocally that ”opposition” FSA terrorists were behind these atrocities.

The important questions which the Spiegel report does not address is:
Who is behind these rebel groups?
What is the command structure?
Who decides on the arbitrary killing of civilians, categorized as ”traitors”. Bear in mind, the executioner is a young man obeying orders.
The Houla Massacre: War Propaganda
It is important to underscore the diabolical nature of these killing operations, which are blamed on the Al Assad government. They constitute a central component of US-NATO war propaganda. They are intended to trigger ”a helpful wave of indignation” against the Al Assad government, thereby harnessing public support for a military intervention on humanitarian grounds.
Without the unbending support of public opinion, the justification to wage war collapses like a deck of cards.
The Houla massacre was used not only as pretext to call for regime change, but also as a justification to isolate Syria politically. Immediately following the announcement of the massacre and prior to the conduct on an investigation, several Western governments cut off diplomatic relations with Syria.
At the United Nations Security Council, the Houla massacre became a casus belli, the main justification to wage war on humanitarian grounds. The Security Council was called upon to grant the green light to an R2P NATO intervention against Syria in reprisal for the alleged crimes committed by the government of Bashar Al Assad against the Syrian people.
But what happens now?
Atrocities were committed by units of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), an armed entity directly supported by the US-NATO-Israel military alliance. The Syrian government cannot be held responsible for killings undertaken by rebel forces which were recruited, trained and financed by the US and its allies.
If the details of these atrocities and who are behind them are revealed to the broader public, the pretext to wage an R2P war on Syria with a view to implementing regime change falls flat.
One suspects, in this regard, that a renewed wave of media lies and fabrications will be launched to quell the truth.
But the question remains.
If the Al Assad government is not behind the massacre, what actions should be taken against those who ordered this massacre? Western governments (US, France, Britain), with the support of Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the prime suspects.
Mercenaries and death squads including al Qaeda affiliated militia were dispatched to Syria as part of a covert intelligence operation. Special forces from several Western countries are acting as military advisers on the ground inside Syria.
What we are dealing with is a criminal undertaking in blatant violation of international law. Those who ordered the killings are the self proclaimed members of the international community.

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Syrian security forces seized a car with 700 kg of explosives and arrested a driver in Damascus countryside.

Syria News 11 June 2012. Turkish-Saudi Qatari Triangle preheated terrorists campaign against Syria

Interview with Anhar Kochneva about the situation, Novosti Mira conducted an interview with the journalist Anhar Kochneva (Kotschnewa) about her experiences and opinions about the situation

Novosti Mira: Anhar, what do you think about the terrible tragedy in al-Hula (al-Houla), the subsequent expulsion of Syrian diplomats, simultaneously, from the western countries – by the way, just after the NATO Summit in Chicago – doesn`t this seem for you like it could be somehow related?
Is there the view that all these things have been planned in advance, and we are now witnessing the implementation of pre-planned terrible scenarios?
Anhar Kochneva: I would even add something from my sources: I have already received information several weeks ago, that the U.S. has, after all, taken the strategic decision to conduct a real war against Syria.
According to some data this should happen at the end of this summer. To justify the proposed intervention, it needs a “Ferdinand” or – in our case – a Racak (place in Kosovo, where a massacre was staged, which was the formal justification for the bombing of Yugoslavia). In addition, among the armed rebels there is the repeatedly announcements of a “zero hour”.
A provocation was thus actually expected. Now we are waiting for another “hour”, of which the bandits talk for quite some time: the “zero hour”. You know, that no such abstract terms in the tradition of the Arabs. You can really feel the hand of puppeteers behind this.

Interview with China’s former ambassador An Huihou on Syria, China’s former ambassador to Egypt and Tunisia, An Huihou, shared his views on the ongoing Syrian crisis with gbtimes

Press TV – Interview with Allen Roland, online columnist‘Western media hype war on Syria’?

Pepe Escobar – Western States Pounce on Massacre Mayhem in Syria

Här är en som FN-observatörerna borde hålla ögonen på om man letar efter källor till våldet i Syrien – McCain: Gulf states supply arms to Syrian opposition

Armed rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad are directly supplied with weapons by some regional countries, including Saudi Arabia, confirmed the US Senator John McCain. He wants the US to follow the lead.
­“I’m glad that some of the nations in the Gulf, the Saudis, are providing some weapons [to the Syrian opposition],” the former conservative presidential candidate told CNN in an interview on Sunday.

Disinformation against Syria is criminal

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