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Annan plan ‘only chance for peace’ but stalled by intervention supporters – Lavrov

External players provoke opposition in Syria to continue military action; this may lead to a Libyan scenario, the Russian Foreign Minister warned.
The main reason the Annan peace plan is stalling is because those who support external intervention in Syria impede its implementation, said Sergey Lavrov.
Lavrov said the main reason why the Kofi Annan plan is not making progress is that certain parties “don’t like” the idea of the stabilization it would bring “during the initial period”.“They want the international community to be filled with indignation and start a full-blown intervention in Syria,” he said.
Lavrov has voiced concern about “the reaction on the part of some foreign players”, who, he said, “support armed groups of the opposition and at the same time demand that the international community take decisive steps to change the regime in Syria.”
He reiterated Russia’s position that it will “never agree to sanction the use of force in the UN Security Council”. He said that this would lead “to severe consequences for the entire Middle East region”.

US, puppets hire terrorists to topple al-Assad Govt: Analyst, Press TV has interviewed Ralph Schoenman, political commentator from Berkeley who describes the unfolding tragedy of Syria as simply imperialism at work

It is an agenda for replacement of governments that are not acceptable to American imperialism and the purpose is to destabilize the government and not only the government, but the country of Syria itself.
There is no ambiguity about this. Hilary Clinton put forward another plan to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power – Washington continually ramps up its threats to intervene without UN approval.
In fact a meeting in Istanbul was held on the sidelines of a so-called Coordination Committee at a global counter terrorism summit where Hilary Clinton was already announcing the plan for a ”full removal of Assad from power”.
And indeed what’s instructive about this is that this announcement from Hilary Clinton came on the eve of the report of a new massacre yesterday, 100 people, women and children killed in the Hama region, which immediately was imputed without evidence to the Syrian government itself.
All analysts who are clear about this understand that the timing of this and the nature of these attacks, armed operations of the Syrian Liberation Army with no ambiguity about the fact that they not only target government forces and government soldiers, but populations that are either supportive of the government or not supportive of these outside interventions.
That’s what underlies this. This is a concerted imperial attempt to remove a government from power and to destroy the country.

Jonathan Steele – Most Syrians back President Assad, but you’d never know from western media, Assad’s popularity, Arab League observers, US military involvement: all distorted in the west’s propaganda war

As for foreign military intervention, it has already started. It is not following the Libyan pattern since Russia and China are furious at the west’s deception in the security council last year. They will not accept a new United Nations resolution that allows any use of force. The model is an older one, going back to the era of the cold war, before ”humanitarian intervention” and the ”responsibility to protect” were developed and often misused. Remember Ronald Reagan’s support for the Contras, whom he armed and trained to try to topple Nicaragua’s Sandinistas from bases in Honduras? For Honduras read Turkey, the safe haven where the so-called Free Syrian Army has set up.
Here too western media silence is dramatic. No reporters have followed up on a significant recent article by Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer who now writes for the American Conservative – a magazine that criticises the American military-industrial complex from a non-neocon position on the lines of Ron Paul, who came second in last week’s New Hampshire Republican primary. Giraldi states that Turkey, a Nato member, has become Washington’s proxy and that unmarked Nato warplanes have been arriving at Iskenderum, near the Syrian border, delivering Libyan volunteers and weapons seized from the late Muammar Gaddafi’s arsenal. ”French and British special forces trainers are on the ground,” he writes, ”assisting the Syrian rebels, while the CIA and US Spec Ops are providing communications equipment and intelligence to assist the rebel cause, enabling the fighters to avoid concentrations of Syrian soldiers …”

Jeremy R. Hammond – Propaganda Is the Name of the Game in Media Reports of Atrocities in Syria

Another massacre has allegedly taken place in Syria that is being compared to the recent massacre in Houla. There are indeed striking similarities. As with the Houla massacre, claims that Syrian government forces or pro-regime militias carried out the atrocity are being parroted by the Western media despite the fact that such claims made by opposition groups and rebel forces remain unverified.
In the case of Houla, there are numerous indications, including eyewitness testimony, that the massacre was actually carried out by rebel forces or allied terrorist groups—with the U.S. and its allies actively supporting the opposition, including by funding and arming the rebels. The allegations of government-backed massacres of civilians are predictably being used as a pretext by the U.S. to implement a policy of regime change in Syria.

Adrian Salbuchi – US sings to Syria: ‘We will, we will bomb you!’

Just as rock star Freddy Mercury & Queen used to sing “we will, we will rock you!!”, today’s US/UK/EU/Israeli war cry mantra goes something like this: “We will, we will BOMB you!!”. And if they can’t do the bombing “officially” themselves or through NATO as they’ve done in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Serbia or Pakistan, then they’ll do the bombing through suitable proxies, especially their present favorite errand-boy Al-Qaeda.
We may be seeing examples of this in the horrendous attacks taking place inside Syria which the Western powers and media systematically blame solely on the Bashar al-Assad government, which from the very beginning of the “Arab Spring” warned his country and the world against Western covert operations and a powerful media PsyWar.
Common sense tell us that it would be monstrous and idiotic for al-Assad to purposely carry out such attacks that only play into the hands of the Western powers giving them further excuse for armed intervention. The Houla massacre came just as UN Special Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan was beginning his mission inside Syria; now the el-Quebeir killing comes just as Annan is about to submit his report to the UN Security Council. It makes no sense, so one must ask: who benefits from all this?

What options does a country’s legitimate government such as Syria’s have when confronted with civil war? Basically, two: they either fight the imported armed insurrection or they surrender and give up their country to the US, UK, NATO military, together with their darlings at ExxonMobil, Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, and Halliburton… They call it “democracy”, and we’ve seen where that leads to in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.
So now the Western Powers are having a temper tantrum and want to see “regime change” in Syria one way or another. If Russia and China blocked NATO bombings, well then let’s just bring in the Al-Qaeda “SWAT” Team and other “freedom fighting” thugs so they can do the bombing for us.

Patrick Henningsen – Globalists Push Forward With Another New Massacre in Syria

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