3 jun

Kan det här vara ett smart drag som kan hälla grus i maskineriet för västs planer!? Syria: Vladimir Putin contemplates sending CSTO peacekeeping force

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir V. Putin, plans to deploy a peacekeeping force to Syria to prevent a possible slide towards civil war [1]
Putin asked the Secretary General of the Organization of Collective Security Treaty (CSTO), Nikolai Bordyuzha, to make a proposal to this effect. This peaceful initiative is antithetical to the NATO military intervention envisaged by the West.
Mr. Bordyuzha immediately made it known that the CSTO is capable of deploying in Syria without delay a force of 20,000 well-trained ”blue fur hats.” The CSTO is made up by Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Vladimir Putin thinks about sending CSTO Peacekeeping force to Syria

UPPDATERING 4 jun. Fler oroande signaler – från facebook

Rafic Nasrallh, a Lebanese journalist referred to the fact that there are preparations for a Syrian substitute TV channel that will be broadcasted on the same transmission of the Syrian TV channel. This channel will be broadcasted from the north of Lebanon with the help of Qatar.

Det förekommer illavarslande tecken på att de utländska mot Syrien fientliga makterna har något på gång. Som att blockera syriska TV-kanaler. Kom ihåg att Nato bombade sönder Libyens TV-hus strax innan offensiven mot Tripoli inleddes! Mediakrigföringen är ett av de viktigaste inslagen i kampanjen mot de länder man siktar in sig på.

Preparation of Absolute Image Control in War on Syria

Syriaonline informs that the Syrian Information Ministry yesterday criticized the Arab League´s Council´s decision to ask Arabsat and Nilesat to suspend the broadcast of Syrian TV channels via the satellite networks as a violation of Journalism Ethics, Freedom of Expression, and as a plot against Syria which constitutes media terrorism.
The ministry´s statement added that it was an attempt to block reality from local and international opinion, all for the benefit of the campaign of fabrications that is carried out against Syria and it´s people.

Should Arabsat and Nilesat cease to carry Syrian TV signals, which is very likely, it would constitute an aggravating of the relentless propaganda campaign that has being waged against Syria for over one year.

U.S. and NATO Military doctrine demand absolute control over media imagery as one of the primary preconditions for successful warfare.

Alltmer hotfulla tongångar – Hague talks of ‘greater than Libya’ military intervention in Syria

Hoppet står till Ryssland – Lavrov: There is no Alternative to Annan’s Plan

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the unfolding situation in Syria proves that there is no alternative to the plan of the UN envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, for a diplomatic and political settlement of the crisis there.

”It is a matter of great concern that some countries pinpoint culprits without waiting for the findings of the observer mission investigation into al-Houla tragedy, in order to exert pressure on the U.N. Security Council to exploit this tragedy for their own interests and thwart the implementation of Annan’s plan,” added the statement.
”We are as convinced as ever that the Syrian crisis can never be settled except through political and diplomatic means and on the basis of all parties’ commitment to Annan’s peace plan and the relevant UN resolutions,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
”Our country opposes using the UNHRC to launch a scenario of using force against Syria…It is important not to anticipate the finding of the observer mission probe into al-Houla crime.”

President Al-Assad höll ett tal idag – President al-Assad: Circumstances which Syria Is Passing through Require More Courage, Strength and Responsibility

President al-Assad said ”A year and a half after the crisis began, things became clear and the masks were removed… the international role in what is taking place was exposed since decades …colonialism remains unchanged but its methods and faces are changing and the regional role exposed itself.

President al-Assad said:” Terrorism will not break the will of the Syrian people and Syria will ever remain the castle of steadfastness and it will recover and witness the defeat of its enemies.”
He stressed that Syria’s sovereignty, independent decision, territorial security and the dignity of its people are always the compass.

Russia Today – Assad on Houla: ‘Not even monsters would carry out such an ugly crime’

RT talks to politics journalist Neil Clark, who’s a contributor to Britain’s Guardian newspaper – West won’t back down in Syria, Russia and China must be firmer’

RT: Moscow says there are attempts by several countries to use the Houla tragedy to further their own interests and undermine Kofi Annan’s peace plan. What do you think about that statement?
Neil Clark: I think it is absolutely correct. I think what we have got here on the agenda is pretty obvious. For the last 15 months there’s been an attempt by Western powers, backed by Arab Gulf states, to topple the regime in Damascus.
And this reminds me – and I’m sure it reminds a lot of people too about what happened back in the late 1990s in Yugoslavia – a situation where the Milosevic government there was under enormous pressure as well. What we had then was Western forces backing rebels against that regime. We had so-called massacres taking place which were then used as a pretext for military intervention, which has caused what we’ve got in a NATO bombardment in Yugoslavia.
And 12 months ago we had exactly the same thing again with Libya. We had atrocity stories come out of Libya. America and Britain were at the forefront of saying “look, we’ve got to intervene” – which is what happened in the end of course. And so, it’s déjà vu, it’s like 1999 and 2011 all over again.

Syria Says Houla Massacre Victims Wouldn’t Cooperate With Rebels

Syria’s ambassador to Russia said terrorists targeted families that refused to follow their orders during the massacre of more than 100 people, including dozens of children, in Houla last week.
“These families were killed because they refused to cooperate with these terrorist groups,” Riad Haddad said in an interview at the Syrian embassy in Moscow yesterday. “When the parliamentary elections were held in Syria, these terrorist groups went to villages and towns and stopped people from voting and demanded candidates withdraw.”

Lisa Karpova – The Syria deadly blame game

An honest individual has to ask, ”Cui bono” ??? Who benefits from the exact timing of this so-called massacre? Is it to Syria’s benefit to destroy the Annan peace plan? Certainly not. The Syrian government had no motive for this act…especially at a time when UN observers are in the country…and by the way, Syria invited them.
Is it to the benefit of the NATO / FUKUS, Zionist and terrorist element? It most certainly is.
It is not only hypocritical and criminal, but the absolute height of moral turpitude, demonic evil, heinous, repulsive lawlessness and arrogance on the part of the NATO / FUKUS and Zionist axis to go around financing, arming and instigating murderers and terrorists and then raising an indignant voice against these, their own crimes, trying to place the blame on the victims of these crimes.
The victims are dealt a double blow, of being the object or murder and violence and then being blamed for these actions as though they were responsible. And the bottom line is that there is no lower form of life than that which murders innocent children for their own benefit and profit.
Can you say ”casus belli,” creating a pretense for a military attack? Like Racak, like the make believe Serbian concentration and ”rape” camps, like the babies being thrown out of incubators, like the weapons of mass destruction, like the nonsense false claims of Gaddafi attacking his own people.

Stephen Lendman – Russian Journalist Exposes Propaganda Lies about Houla Massacre
Stefan Lindgren – Vilka var mördarna i Hula?
Tony Cartalucci – West Desperately Attempts to Spin Syrian Crisis, Latest fabrications includes defected ”air force officer” with ”super human” hearing and sight, and miraculous satellite imaging

  1. #1 av nsnbc på 3 juni, 2012 - 18:38

    Tak for at henvise til min artikel Preparation of Absolute Image Control in War on Syria.

    Til din indledende kommentar vil jeg kort sige følgende: Krigen imod Syrien har de-fakto været i gang med NATO-landes Specialtropper i Syrien siden senest September 2011. Der er dermed ikke tale om at ”forberede Krig” men at ”intensivere krigen” at bringe den ind i en fase med åben militær konfrontation.

    I invasionen af Tripoli blev ikke kun TV Stationen bombet, der blev også vist falske TV billeder af jublende rebeller på den Grønne Plads – Optaget i Doha, Qatar”

    I krigen mod Serbien døde talrige Journalister og andre medarbejdere på Belgrad TV Stationen.

    Absolut Billed Kontrol er en integreret del af NATO Doktrin om moderne krigsførelse. Dette gælder også i høj manipilationen med befolkningen i NATO landene når NATO går i krig.

    Spørgsmålet vi hver for sig og sammen bør stille os selv er hvad kan og vil vi gøre ved det, hvornår, hvordan. Jeg har været i tre krigszoner og set det mange af jer ikke kan forestille jer. Når mennesker nedslagtes på de mest brutale måder hver dag så haster det med at besvare de spørgsmål – det vil sige, hvis vi vil bevare vores egen menneskelighed så haster det.

    Tak og solidariske hilsner.

    Christof Lehmann

    • #2 av Stan på 3 juni, 2012 - 20:32

      Vi får kämpa på och göra vad vi kan för att försöka lindra skadorna av media-lögnerna och manipulationen. På tal om psykologisk krigföring finns här en intressant artikel, det handlar om den svenska insatsen med psykologisk krigföring mot Libyen, men vi utsätts ungefär samma i mainstreammedierna

      Teorin bygger på att människors perception av verkligheten inte nödvändigtvis behöver överrensstämma med verkligheten. Genom att påverka hur människor uppfattar verkligheten kan man också förändra deras beteende.

      Köper man detta resonemang blir den kognitiva domänen plötsligt ett slagfält lika viktigt som marken, luften och vattnet. Och det är detta Försvarsmakten har gjort: de har kommit till slutsatsen att framtidens strider i hög grad kommer att utspela sig på ett slagfält mindre än en kvadratfot.

      Då behövs »psykologiska stealth-bombflygplan«, som kapten David Bergman liknar psyopsförband vid, som kan sprida budskap under motståndarens radar. Som kan påverka hur människor tänker och handlar utan att de någonsin märker det.

      Detta är, som Bergman säger, inget nytt i krigföring. Det är bara att man har kallat det för andra saker:

      – Vilseledning, propaganda, psykologisk krigföring.

  2. #3 av Kerstin på 3 juni, 2012 - 23:21

    Jag har ganska länge funderat på hur lång tid det skulle ta innan Västmakterna ser till att slå ut Syriens kommunikationsnät, radio, TV mm. Så jag blir inte förvånad om det händer snart. USA med vasaller, dit vi svenskar också hör numer, har ju envisats med att låtsas som om det är bevisat att det var Assads specialgrupper som stod för massakern i Houla trots att inga belägg finns för den saken, och det måste tolkas som en upptrappning från Västs sida. Dessutom hotar ju USA nu med att man i värsta fall måste gå förbi FN vad gäller ingripandet i Syrien.

    Man känner sig så maktlös och vi kan inte ens hindra vår egen svenska nickedocksregering från att delta i detta kallblodiga mördande, i allas våra namn. Jag bara hoppas att demonstrationen som skulle hållas i Stockholm idag mot Syrienattackerna var stor.

    Nu börjar man förstå hur det var i Sovjet, med den skillnaden att folk där inte trodde på något som sades i media, medan vi svenskar varit vana vid en helt annan sorts nyhetsförmedling än den vi ser numer, varför de flesta tror på radion, TV och tidningar – än så länge. Dessvärre kan det nog förbli på det sättet under årtionden.

    • #4 av Stan på 4 juni, 2012 - 07:55

      ca 300 personer deltog i demonstrationen enligt nyhetsbanken.se – http://www.nyhetsbanken.se/news/view.asp?ID=990
      Man får hoppas att USA/Nato/väst sträcker sig för långt och bryter ryggen i sina desperata försök nu när läget i världsekonomin tycks mer kritiskt än nånsin. Och att alla länder och alla krafter som har någon sorts oberoende kan göra en gemensam ansträngning och stå upp mot de hänsynslösa krigsivrarna.

  3. #5 av Kerstin på 4 juni, 2012 - 11:39

    Problemet är att ju mer pressat USA blir desto farligare blir man Hamnar de riktigt illa så är det nog inte utan risk att de börjar kasta atombomber omkring sig. Det gäller ju att se till att de kriser man själv skapar kan skyllas på något annat, att rikta det amerikanska folkets uppmärksamhet på annat än de egna ekonomiska tillkortakommandena, ett antal ”hotfulla” stater runtom i världen exempelvis, som måste bombas tillbaka till senåldern.


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