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Russian Foreign Ministry: Investigations Indicate that al-Houla Massacre Was a Well-Planned Operation Carried out by Gunmen to Thwart Settlement Efforts

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said that the preliminary results of the investigations carried out by the Syrian authorities regarding al-Houla massacre indicate that the crime was a well-planned operation carried out by gunmen to thwart the efforts aiming to settle the crisis politically and to begin a new stage of bloody violence in Syria.
In a statement on Friday, Lukashevich said that the tragedy in al-Houla showcases the results of providing financial support and smuggling advanced weapons to armed groups, sending foreign mercenaries, and placating extremists of all sorts.

‘Rebels behind Houla massacre, US plan to destabilize & save Syria in full swing’
Activist Sara Flounders talks to RT. She says Washington was never interested in a diplomatic solution in Syria.

Den syriska regeringen har gjort en undersökning av massakern i Houla – Syria: Armed groups carried out Houla massacre

A Syrian government investigation into the massacre that recently killed more than 100 people in the western Syria village of Houla has blamed anti-Damascus armed groups for the killings.
The head of the inquiry, Brigadier General Qassem Jamal Suleiman said during a news conference in the Syrian capital on Thursday that between 600 and 800 armed terrorists used heavy machinery to carry out the attacks on the village on May 25.

sabinachiaburu.wordpress.com – Preliminary report on the massacre in Houla

Press TV – ‘Houla massacre an intelligence plot by Western politicians’

Leader of Russia’s Communist Party says the recent massacre in the Syrian village, Houla, which killed over 100 people, is an intelligence plot concocted led by the Western politicians.
Gennady Zyuganov noted that some Western politicians and media outlets have created a hysteria on the massacre which took place in the western village of Houla on May 25.
The Russian politician strongly condemned what he considered as ”a blatant provocation” in Syria and asked for an international probe into the crime, which he believed would sooner or later turn out to be related to the Western intelligence, like what happened in Yugoslavia, Libya, and Afghanistan.
The Communist leader also condemned the Western states for their quick accusation of the Syrian government, even before the results of the preliminary investigation into the massacre were disclosed, particularly that the reporters and international observers could not give any evidence proving the presence of heavy weaponry in the area.

Press TV – West conspires to start sectarian war in Syria: Analyst

There is no secret to the fact that there are tens of millions of dollars being put up by foreign governments whether it be Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Britain, France, the United States, others to provide arms to an opposition that is composed of some Syrian nationals but also outside mercenaries including some elements that are formally affiliated with al-Qaeda who have smuggled across the border from Iraq.
So, on the one hand, you have got member countries of the UN Security Council including Britain, France and the United States who ostensibly endorsed and are backing the Annan plan but are in reality creating exactly the kind of conditions to lead to a sectarian civil war.

Journalisten från ANNA news, Marat Musin, som befinner sig i Syrien nära området för massakern i Houla intervjuas.

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