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Carl Bildt erkände igår att Sverige är delaktiga i fientligheterna och destabiliseringskampanjen mot Syrien! från – Syriska ambassadörer utvisas ur stormakter

Tyckte jag hörde att Nederländernas ambassadör idag ombads lämna Syrien, hur länge dröjer det innan Sveriges kastas ut? Är det inte ett ganska otroligt uttalande med tanke på det groteska våld som denna ”opposition” utövar, vilket väl alla känner till vid det här laget, trots västmediernas vilseledningskampanjer.

Webster Tarpley på Press TV – NATO’s death squads responsible for Houla massacre: Analyst

This is not the first time that the NATO people have tried to get a large scale massacre that they could try to inflame public opinion with.
However I would say, three on the ground eyewitness reports that I verify myself. First one comes from fides, fides is an Italian-roman Catholic missionary news service, and they point to the fact that what the reality of the Houla massacre is that these fighters, right extremists, al-Qaeda or Salafi, whatever they were; came in and started targeting the Armenian Christians and the roman Catholics, the Franciscans and some others. This is one package.
Then we have a Belgian website with an author called …..klemantes, which describes in detail, how it was done that the hospital in Houla was burnt down and the people that had been taking refuge in it were systematically massacred from up-close by the death squads not by the government.
Then we have the Russian journalist operating in Syria, Anhar Kochneva. You can look at some of the word that she has put on the Internet.

Motvallsbloggen – Syriens kommentar till Houla-massakern

NATO’s ‘Civil War’ Machine Rolls Into Syria

It was only a matter of time before NATO’s hired killers were tasked with carrying out a massacre in Syria that NATO stooges at the UN could then attempt to blame on the Syrian government. This time however, the con job isn’t going quite according to plan.
On Monday 28th May 2012 (‘Memorial Day’ in the US, for those who enjoy irony) the world’s public received a full frontal propaganda attack by the Western and other duplicitous media outlets parroting NATO and UN Security Council condemnations of a “massacre by Syrian troops” in the Syrian village of Houla on Friday 25th May.
Although the Houla victims were Assad supporters, the media has been primed to unleash a torrent of abuse against the Syrian government in the hope that it will carry enough weight to justify precision-strike democratization in the very near future.
UN Security Council ‘ambassadors’ from the UK, Germany, France and Azerbaijan (no less!) wasted no time in pointing the finger at the Syrian government and making false claims that there was “clear evidence of artillery fire and tank shelling by the Syrian regime”. In fact, it has since been revealed that the vast majority of the victims were killed at close range, many of them with limbs hacked off by axes.
Think for a moment about the phony narrative that the defenders of Western ‘democracy’ are trying to foist on the public: we’re all supposed to believe that the Syrian army fired tank shells at these people, then withdrew from the area, allowing ‘al-Qaeda-in-Syria’ to line up the bodies, take photographs and video footage of the gruesome deeds and post them all over the web. Furthermore, the only available video footage taken at the scene of the massacre shows a man dressed in plain clothes emerge from a side street to fire an RPG into the street, footage that was rapidly propagated as “Syrian forces shelling their own people.”

larouche.se – Ryssland, Hula och världskriget

Krismötet i FN:s säkerhetsråd hölls på Rysslands begäran för att hindra den anglo-franco-amerikanska krigspakten från att göra regimen ansvarig, avsluta Annan-planen och påbörja en länge planerad men, framförallt av Pentagon, hittills uppskjuten militär operation i Libyen-tappning. Till krigshetsarnas stora besvikelse fick säkerhetsrådet, återigen på rysk inrådan, en uppriktig rapport från befälhavaren för FN:s bevakningsuppdrag general Robert Mood. Den norske generalmajoren bekräftade ryssarnas uppfattning, att bevisen för de ansvariga för Hulas civila dödsoffer är ”luddiga” och uppmanade Annan-missionen att genomföra en noggrann utredning.

Bra kommentar från facebook, British Civilians for Peace in Libya

the new orwellianism is ‘military intervention’; as if a foreign invading army were like the police: thus do rogue states and their militaries reinvent themselves
”The attack on Syria has begun, they are accusing President Assad of killing his people. And the Yankees want to come in and bomb the people in order to save them. What shameless cynicism. It’s a new strategy they’ve invented, to generate violent armed conflicts and spill blood in a country in order to then bomb it and intervene and take ownership of its natural resources and convert it into a colony”
~ Hugo Chavéz

Most Houla massacre victims executed: UN

On Tuesday, OHCHR Spokesman Rupert Colville said in Geneva that most of the victims in Taldo, an area of Houla, “were summarily executed in two separate incidents,” AFP reported.
”What is very clear is that this was an absolutely abominable event that happened in Houla and at least a substantial part of it was summary executions of civilians, including women and children,” said Colville, adding that the victims “were shot in their houses.”
His comments echo those of the Syrian government, which blames armed terrorist groups for the murders.

Gatilov : We Are Categorically against Any Intervention in Syrian Conflict from the Outside

Russia reiterated its rejection for any proposals at the UN Security Council authorizing military intervention in Syria.
Gennady Gatilov, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, said in press statements to the Russian Interfax News Agency: ”We have always said that we are categorically against any intervention in the Syrian conflict from the outside, as this would only worsen the situation and would lead to unpredictable consequences both for Syria itself and the region on the whole.”
Gatilov underscored that Russia calls for broader international discussion on settling standoff in Syria and Kofi Annan’s, the UN Envoy to Syria, six-point plan.
Gatilov added that Russia thinks any new UN Security Council pressure measures on Syria are premature, asserting that Russia will veto initiatives on foreign military interference in Syrian situation in UN Security Council.

Michel Chossudovsky – SYRIA: Killing Innocent Civilians as part of a US Covert Op. Mobilizing Public Support for a R2P War against Syria

The fundamental question: Were the May 2012 killings of civilians in the city of Houla part of a carefully planned covert operation, with the intent to drum up public support for a war on Syria?
The deaths are blamed on the Al Assad government, with ”casualty lists in U.S. newspapers causing a helpful wave of indignation.”. Meanwhile, several European countries, Canada and Australia have cut off diplomatic relations with Syria.
Was the Houla massacre part of a sinister covert operation bearing the fingerprints of Operation Northwoods?
There is absolutely no evidence that the Syrian government was behind these killings.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Syed Ali Wasif, from the Society for International Reforms and Research

Eric Draitser – Understanding the Propaganda War Against Syria

It is necessary and, in fact, essential for the United States and its allies to wage this propaganda war. Without it, rationality and sound political thinking might sway public opinion away from war and back to the idea that Syria belongs to Syrians. This basic conception completely derails the entire drive for war, preventing Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and the United States from imposing their will on the people of Syria and continuing their imperialist domination of the region.

Armed groups attack oil pipeline in Syrian city of Deir al-Zour

Syrian opposition sets up summer headquarters in Miami

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