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Tony Cartalucci – West’s Houla Syria Narrative Crumbles, Expels Syrian Diplomats Anyway, UN admits almost all of the 108 killed in Houla were killed at close range by militants, not Syrian soldiers firing artillery

Press TV – Syrian government must curb armed gangs with an iron fist: Analyst

Press TV has conducted an interview with Haitham Alsibahie, from the Syrian Social Club in London, to further talk over the issue.

Press TV: We know that Russia has been expressing concern that ”certain countries” are beginning to use the Houla massacre ”as a pretext for voicing demands for military measures to be taken” against Damascus. How serious do you think is the Russian’s warning of a military agenda?
Alsibahie: First of all, good evening to you and top your viewers. I think it is very serious at the moment because this is what the West wants; this is what Saudi Arabia and Qatar are pushing for, arming those Jihadist Salafists and these criminal groups and supplying them with money.
We are sure the order is coming from them but this is exactly the pretext and this is their way and this is their culture of killing civilians. They do not care how many civilians they get killed. They killed 1 million in Iraq; they killed over 100 thousand in Libya but this is what they are trying to do and this is the pretext for interference in Syria.
At the moment, they are interfering. We know they have some groups on the ground; they have some commanders or some of their secret service on the ground in Syria and they carry out these atrocities and they are trying to play in the Syrian government for it. Now the truth has come out today or part of the truth, let me say, came out from the United Nations.
The United Nations said most of these people are being killed or executed in a close range. The Syrian forces were not in Houla; they were outside Houla; there were only 4 or 5 checkpoints. They are not attacking forces and as we have seen on a number of tapes, these criminals and those who call themselves Jihadists, and I do not know Jihadist for what, they are roaming the city; they are killing people just to put the pressure up and the incitement for a stupid country like the Western countries which used these tools to say Syria is carried out and they give the excuse for humanitarian corridors or some attacks or some sort of what you call initiative like today kicking out or asking Syrian ambassadors to leave.
This is exactly a pretext and this is what Syria is facing at the moment.

Syria News 29 May 2012. Syrian Official Tv Channel

Tony Cartalucci – Atrocities Made to Order, How Wall Street & London Manufacture Tragedy to Sell War & Regime Change

In the wake of the Houla massacre in Syria, and evidence exposing the West’s initial narrative of Syrian troops ”shelling to death” around 100 people to be categorically false, people are struggling to understand just what happened.

Clearly there is the distinct possibility that a third party took advantage of a prolonged engagement between the FSA and government troops in Houla, to manufacture a very real atrocity. With so few facts in hand, it would be the height of irresponsibility to lay blame on anyone so squarely that punitive actions are leveled. So while the Globe and Mail berates Russia for suggesting that ”the blame must be determined objectively,” it is by far, without debate, the most sensible course of action to take. If the West laments the distrust it now suffers, it has only itself, and its long history of running death squads in exactly this manner, to blame.

Amal Saad-Ghoryeb Why it is highly unlikely the Syrian regime was behind the Houla massacre

Forget how the massacre is now being used by Washington to arm-twist Russia to accept a “Yemen-style solution”, as suggested by The Guardian: “ the breakdown of the already fragile Syrian peace process amid horrific scenes could push Moscow towards using its influence in the strife-torn country to assist a transition of power.”

Forget all that.
What on earth could the Syrian regime have stood to benefit from this macabre massacre of Sunnis? What could its “logic” or motives possibly have been? How could the regime have ensured or at least contributed to its longevity by this act? What interests could this heinous act have served other than militarizing the existing UN presence; inviting foreign military intervention into Syria..

Michel Chossudovsky ”THE SALVADOR OPTION FOR SYRIA”: US-NATO Sponsored Death Squads Integrate ”Opposition Forces”

Syria: Houla massacre – Who benefits from this useful pretext for war?

Syria: Al-Hula – More questions than answers

The massacre of Al-Hula delivers more questions than answers, while the Western powers are convinced in public that the Syrian government and army is responsible for this massacre, even when some details reject such a conclusion.
Not to mention that such a horrible massacre is a benefit for the Syrian opposition and not for the Syrian government and President al-Assad. The real implementation of a ceasefire in Syria and the following political dialogue is not in the interests of some sides and e.g. the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) knows that such political talks are counterproductive to their (only) goal.
To the question “Cui bono?”, the visit of William Hague to Moscow, Russia, could deliver a possible answer.

Timothy-Bancroft-Hinchey – Syria: Another Western false flag event?

Patrick Henningsen – Phony ‘Houla Massacre’: How Media Manipulates Public Opinion For Regime Change in Syria

Ismail Salami – Unholy Alliance Forming Against Syria, Washington, Tel Aviv, Ankara, Brussels, Arab puppet regimes, Extremist Wahhabis, Al-Qaeda

‘Israel incites sectarian war in Syria’, Press TV has conducted an interview with Taleb Ibrahim, a political analyst in Damascus

Syrian opposition incites foreign military intervention: Russian FM

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says the Syrian opposition is seeking foreign military intervention and inciting a civil war in the country.
Speaking at a news conference in Moscow on Tuesday, Lavrov said the chairman of the Syrian National Council, Burhan Ghalioun, ”called on all the Syrian opposition forces to continue – as he called it – the struggle for freedom until the UN Security Council approves external military intervention. That is a direct incitement to civil war.”
The Russian foreign minister also accused certain countries of trying to disrupt the implementation of a peace plan proposed by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan.

Blackwater agents involved in Syria unrest: Political analyst

“We have real evidence now that the Blackwater company is working in Syrian territories,” said Taleb Ibrahim, a political analyst from Damascus, in an interview with Press TV on Monday.

MKO planning major terrorist operation in Syria: Report

The terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) is reportedly preparing to launch a massive terrorist operation in Syria amid the recent surge of violence in the Arab state.
“We have conclusive proof and documents showing that the MKO has a strong and significant presence in Syria. The terrorist group has begun, in an all-out fashion, acts of sabotage and terrorism against the Syrian government and nation, and has found major influence among the Syrian rebels,” said Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad, the director of the Habilian Association in a Monday meeting with Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Hamed Hassan.

Russia Today – Slaughter Slant: Houla massacre sparks media blame-game

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